With an extensive career in acting and having played plenty of roles, Sandra Bullock never failed to impress her fans. The early 90s talent, known for her Oscar-winning role in The Blind Side marks her onscreen presence through her dazzling persona. Bullock has been winning the hearts of her audiences and fans through the years. She is still a trending personality in the Hollywood industry because of her GenZ-approved role in Bird Box

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves

Irrespective of winning the hearts of her audiences, Sandra Bullock had only a bit of luck in her love life. Amid dating Ryan Gosling, and settling for a cheat, Jesse James, Bullock confesses her regrets regarding Keanu Reeves. Sparking dating rumors for a while Bullock and Reeves withdrew themselves from the speculations and denied dating. However, it seems Bullock still ponders the possibilities. 

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Sandra Bullock Regrets Not Dating Keanu Reeves

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in 2019, Sandra Bullock took the opportunity to confess her feelings for Keanu Reeves. Bullock and Reeves were together filming for the movie Speed (1994) when they became friends. Young Keanu Reeves, the heartthrob not just for being handsome but also for his gentlemanly nature, further worked with Bullock in The Lake House (2006). 

Developing a major crush on Reeves during the first movie itself, Sandra Bullock confessed her true feelings to Ellen DeGeneres. Celebrating the movie’s 25th anniversary, Bullock revealed, “I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was and how handsome he was,” Coming off honest regarding her crush, the actress further shared, “It was hard. It was really hard for me to really be serious. He’d look at me and I’d [giggle].” 

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock had feelings for Keanu Reeves

Recalling her moments with Keanu Reeves, Bullock shared how she flirted in a subtle way. “My dress sort of kept flying up and I said, ‘Whatever you do, just keep my dress down’” the actress mentioned. She further added how Reeves behaved like a gentleman, “The whole stunt he just made sure my dress [stayed down]. It was very sweet.” 

Despite harboring a major crush on Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock never really understood his feelings. Years later upon learning about Reeves’ confessions, Bullock regretted not taking her chances with the John Wick actor. 

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Keanu Reeves Had A Crush On Sandra Bullock 

Irrespective of having mutual feelings for each other, Reeves and Bullock failed to take their chances with each other. It is unknown if they were scared of rejection or simply wanted to keep their relationship professional, the two missed the possibility of being Hollywood’s A-list couple. The Matrix actors later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after learning about Bullock’s confessions. He, therefore, stated his opinions and opened up about his secret crush on the actress. 

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves had a crush on Sandra Bullock

After seeing the clip of Bullock’s confession, Keanu Reeves shared, “She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her either.” Upon realizing the feelings were mutual, DeGeneres teased the question, if they ever dated, to which the actor stated, “We were working!” Thus, it seems the two lost their opportunity of being together, because of maintaining professionalism. Maintaining subtlety, Reeves further stated, “It was a great experience to make that film (Speed). Got to meet Sandra Bullock, got to work with her, it was fantastic.”

With few gasps and squeals from our end, it seems like a sheer story of bad luck. The two extremely talented actors could have ended up together, however, failing to confess and trying to maintain professionalism got the best of them. Thus, Sandra Bullock ended up with her cheating husband Jesse James and as for Keanu Reeves, he is currently dating Alexandra Grant

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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