Jennifer Lopez has always been the topic of trend when it comes to her long list of ex-lovers. Lopez has been in a relationship with many big names in Hollywood before she rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck and married him last year in 2022. The Shotgun Wedding actress’s every previous relationship ended due to many complications. 

Jennifer Lopez at an event
Jennifer Lopez at an event

The singer previously dated rapper Sean Diddy Combs, with whom she split after the rapper allegedly cheated on Lopez.

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Diddy said he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend when he was with Jennifer Lopez

Sean Diddy Combs and Jennifer Lopez
Sean Diddy Combs and Jennifer Lopez

Sean Diddy Combs and Jennifer Lopez came across each other in 1999 on the sets of a music video. Soon they started dating each other. They were one of the hottest couples in the industry. In 2001 the couple parted ways and the reports claimed that Combs cheated on Lopez. 

After a few years of their separation, Combs talked about how his relationship was affected with Lopez due to his previous relationship. As per reports, Combs was in love with his previous partner Kim Porter when he was dating the Let’s Get Loud singer. During an interview, in 2006 with Oprah Winfrey, Combs talked about his relationship with Lopez, he said,

“Jennifer and I are so much alike as far as our drive, our determination, what we want to achieve. That’s why we connected. But I could never go forward and finish the relationship with Jennifer because I was still in love with Kim. She still had my heart.”  

He further added,

“Kim is also very intelligent. During the whole Jennifer Lopez thing, she was like, ‘You’ll be back. Go do your thing, silly boy.’ I’m quite sure that was a tough time for her, but she was cool as ice. That’s sexy!”

Lopez never mentioned her relationship with Combs again after he made the statement about it. Porter died in 2018 after contracting a lung infection. Combs and her children were shaken by her sudden passing.

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Jennifer Lopez is now happily married to Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their romance in 2021 after Affleck parted ways with Jennifer Garner. Lopez and Affleck first met in 2001 after she parted ways with Combs. They met during the filming of their movie Gigli. In November 2002, she was engaged to Affleck and they were known as Bennifer. 

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A few days before their marriage, Lopez and Affleck decided to cancel their wedding and parted ways in 2004. In 2021, Bennifer got back together and gave the message to the world that things can still work out with your ex-flame if it is meant to be. The couple got engaged in April 2022 and soon in July 2022, the Lopez and the Good Will Hunting actor got married in Vegas. 

Source: CheatSheet; Harpers Bazaar


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