Some incidents are so deeply embedded in our heads that they stay with us for life. Pop sensation Britney Spears also has one such memory with American actress Kate Hudson. While recalling her experience in the entertainment industry, the singer remembered her favorite celebrity encounter. 

Though the first time Spears met Hudson things went quite awkward, she had a massive impact on the pop star. Spears took to Instagram to share about her first encounter with Hudson and praise her styling sense. The Almost Famous actress felt overwhelmed by Spears’s gesture and reacted to her Instagram post with gratification.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears shared her experience meeting Kate Hudson for the first time

It’s been years since the two divas, Britney Spears, and Kate Hudson, bumped into each other for the first time. The memory of their first encounter is still fresh in Spears’ mind. The Toxic singer shared carousel pictures of herself in various outfits and recalled her modeling days. The singer appreciated Hudson’s fashion sense and wrote on Instagram,  

“TB of all my modeling videos !!! This year and last … Clothes are so much fun !!! My favorite person with style is @KateHudson … She never tries and her style and beauty is wicked !!! I met her in Amsterdam for literally 3 seconds … I will never forget it !!!”

Kate Husdon and Britney Spears
Kate Hudson and Britney Spears

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Later, Spears shared Hudson’s first impression of her. Spears explained why she had to quickly leave the place and how she was startled by Hudson’s charming personality. The Circus singer said, 

“I had to open my stupid mouth with Kate so I ran away immediately.” 

Meanwhile, the pop star is enjoying a taste of freedom in her life after being under conservatorship for several years. The singer is all set to launch her autobiography; however, it is facing certain hurdles as, according to a source, Spears’s memoir is brutally honest and also includes many nervous A-listers.

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Kate Hudson’s Reaction to Britney Spears’s Compliment

Kate Husdon
Kate Hudson

It’s indeed a big deal to get a surprise compliment from one of the world’s most legendary pop stars. After being honored with Britney Spears’s compliment, Kate Hudson was left overwhelmed. The Bride Wars actress took to the comment section of Spears’ Instagram post and expressed her gratitude. She wrote,

“So much to unpack here lovely woman! But I have three important things to say… I think!”

She mentioned,


She then reminded Spears to be true to herself and appreciate what she has. She wrote, “Perfection in BORING.”  

She concluded her gratification note by stating, “I’m beyond flattered by this compliment,” referring to Britney Spears’s Instagram post.

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Source: Billboard

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