Robert Andre Glasper is yet another accomplished pianist, record producer, songwriter, and musical arranger who may not be a household name. He does, however, without a doubt gets his due credit from the established name of the recording industry.

But something weird happened when one of the artists Glasper beat out for the Best R&B Album Grammy last night. And that artist didn’t seem to be joking when he attacked Glasper for the win.

Yes, we are talking about Christopher Maurice Brown, who threw a little hissy fit on Better Than I Imagined singer via Instagram, asking “who da f*ck is this?” after learning that Glasper’s Black Radio III was nominated for his album Breezy. He then quipped that he would “start playing the harmonica” to win the Recording Academy’s approval. 

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Fine China singer was disappointed to have missed out on Sunday night’s Grammy award. 

Brown then vented his ire and disparaged Glasper in a string of since-deleted posts on his Instagram stories. However, the following day, the Go Crazy singer even made the decision to change his tone and call Glasper “amazing.” 

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Chris Brown apologizes for throwing a fit at the Grammys!

The American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, who is often referred to as the ‘King of R&B’ and is a well-known R&B performer of his generation, was disappointed that he did not receive the honor over Robert Andre Glasper on Sunday.

“Who the f*ck is Robert Glasper? is a graphic that Christopher Maurice Brown posted on his own Instagram to acknowledge his breakdown for not winning over Glasper.

Under The Influence hitmaker, then cleverly bragged about his impressive resume, which includes producing work for artists like Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller as well as writing the score for the Issa Rae-starring movie The Photograph, in the caption of the photo, “If y’all have questions, I have answers.”

chris brown
Chris Brown

Fans on Twitter appeared to agree more with the American pianist’s viewpoint than with Brown’s, criticizing the artist for lacking in-depth knowledge. According to a screenshot he posted on his story, he apparently realized his mistake and sent Glasper a direct message on Instagram apologizing for his outburst.

Look at Me Now singer wrote, 

“Congratulations, my brother. I would like to apologize if you took offense to my reaction at the Grammys.. you were not the Intended target and I know I came off really rude and mean. After doing my research I actually think your amazing.”

Chris Brown apologizy IG scrrenshot
Chris Brown apology IG screenshot

The Run It! artist didn’t stop there. While acknowledging how his temper tantrum came across, he suggested a change to the Grammys’ structure that actually might turn out to be better for R&B musicians in the long run. The organization, he claimed, 

is not doing us Blacks our due diligence.” “YOU AND I SHOULD never be in the Same category… two totally different vibes and genres. So from one black man to another.. CONGRATULATIONS.. HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO FEED YOUR FAMILY FOR LIFE.”

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The ‘Loyal’ singer was also in controversy for the 2022 AMAs

This is not the first time he has lost his temper. Christopher Maurice Brown has the propensity to lose his cool when things at an award show don’t go his way. In November of last year, the native of Virginia gained attention when his eagerly anticipated MJ Jackson tribute performance for the 50th Academy Awards was somehow postponed a few days beforehand.

The She Ain’t You singer uploaded a video of himself rehearsing for the occasion along with the indignant caption,

U SERIOUS?” WOULD’VE been the ama performance, but they canceled me for reasons unknown.”

Brown’s heartbreaking Grammys loss wasn’t bad enough, but things got worse when it was revealed that he owes a sizable sum in back taxes.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

According to legal documents obtained, I’m The Man hitmaker had several sizeable tax liens filed against him and was allegedly owed an absurdly high amount of money by the IRS and the State of California. His Tarzana, California, home and anything connected to his music business were allegedly included in the liens because the State is allegedly serious about getting their money back.

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