If things would’ve gone as planned, we could have seen Nicholas Cage playing Superman on the big screen. Of course, this didn’t come to life, and now Cage’s days as a superhero are long gone, but this doesn’t mean that he wants to stay away from DC Films for good.

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Cage talked about his connection to Superman, a character he was set to play in the 90’s, but the project never came to life. Cage is a huge Superman fan and has even named his son after him, ie. Kal-El.

“I certainly have a work ethic, that I will say. I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave. But also I think my children are to thank for that. When you’re a father, you can’t behave like that,”

He said.

When the actor was asked about Superman, Cage simply laughed it off saying that his “superhero days are well behind them.”

When commented by the interviewer that he would certainly make a good villain in DC, the actor got really excited.

“Oh, that would be GREAT,” he said. “I’d make a great Lex Luthor!”

If you think about it, Superman actually can provide an interesting take on Lex Luthor. Thinking about a rich megalomaniac who owns half of Metropolis, Cage could actually provide an interesting take. Obviously, it would be much different than Jesse Eisenberg’s take on the character, something that fans might embrace.

However, there is plenty of DC villains Cage could play, and we’re all hoping that he lands up with at least one this time!

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