Tom Cruise is many things, and we’re not talking about his acting range per se. The man himself is many things and a lot of it attracts controversies like bees to honey. However, there happens to be a lesser-known version of the Eyes Wide Shut actor that was never advertised, and hence, Tom Cruise remained an unsung hero. So amidst all the backlash, we bring out an old heroic account of the actor’s actions.

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Tom Cruise is many things, an unsung hero is one of them

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Tom Cruise and his controversial takes

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise faces backlash on many fronts

The actor finds himself surrounded with criticism as news of his cutting off a passenger’s oxygen while on a flight has gone viral. The Top Gun Maverick actor was also called out owing to his involvement with the Scientology church. There was particularly quite a lot of backlash from actress Leah Remini, who shared a story of former Scientologist, Claire Headley, accusing Tom Cruise of promoting “a dangerous cult that destroyed my family.” The former Scientologist didn’t fail to point out Cruise’s presence as a father figure, questioning when was the last time he talked to his own daughter.

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The practical superhero, Batman?

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise, a real-life Batman… of sorts

Amidst all the flak, there is one incident coming out to the fore, back in 1996. People had reported how Cruise saved the victim of a hit-and-run accident he happened to witness. The woman who got hit while driving the vehicle was Heloisa Vinhas, who thanked her stars that he was there when the accident unfolded. The actor had someone call an ambulance and take her to the hospital where she received treatment. Cruise even followed the ambulance to make sure the woman reached there alright. On learning that Vinhas did not have insurance, Cruise even covered her medical bills that amounted to $7000, which was peanuts for the actor but it’s the thought that counts. Vinhas later said, “If he’s not Superman, he can be Batman — Batman doesn’t have superpowers.”

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Tom Cruise and his tales of bravery

The actor could never be Iron Man but he has been a hero nevertheless. On another occasion, during the Mission Impossible premiere, he also saved two fans from being crushed by steel barricades. The man definitely performs his stunts himself, even in real life.

Another lore in the anthology states that once Cruise rescued a woman from being mugged. The woman had almost $150,000 worth of jewelry on her but the actor and his bodyguards chased the burglar away.

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