Shakira has been covering headlines for her chaotic separation from Gerard Piqué. It all started when the singer found out about the footballer having an affair outside of their relationship. Which led to the couple talking about their displeasure with each other and deciding to call it quits. Even though this agreement was mutual, the custody of their children turned out to be a whole different issue.

The two were set to take the matter of custody to court and battle it out legally. However, as soon as it seemed that the Waka Waka singer was about to gain full custody, a tax fraud case was filed in her name. This happened with extremely convenient timing for Gerard Piqué. As the singer now has to face financial and legal troubles, it turns out that she had foreshadowed the separation a year in advance.

Shakira tried to grab her partner’s attention before it got out of hand

Shakira in Don’t Wait Up

The song Don’t Wait Up by Shakira already foreshadowed where the romance between her and Gerard Piqué was heading. The song was released one year before the separation happened, on July 16th, 2021. The lyrics of the song implied the strain that the singer felt when it came to their relationship.

“Won’t you put down your phone and look me in the eye? Got all dressed up for you but you seem so occupied”. The lyrics even hinted at the singer wanting to leave the footballer. “If I ditch you. Then maybe you’ll understand. Then maybe you’ll understand…” 

Needless to say that Shakira already felt the distance that Gerard Piqué was creating. The fact that the footballer never understood what his partner was trying to put across is another sign of just how self-absorbed he is. Having a talented and iconic singer, full of affection with such beauty and grace, and still falling out of love is something that sounds impossible. However, Gerard Piqué managed to do it anyways.

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Gerard Piqué is the perfect example of affection versus desire

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

The footballer and his toxic masculinity are yet another alert for men around the world to reframe their ways. He not only cheated on Shakira but proved that when it comes to suppressing a woman, a man can cross a billion unacceptable lines. Gerard Piqué has become the face of fake and toxic masculinity and he continues to live by it. The constant need to overpower this legal battle, his attitude toward his own fault, and his unfairly asking for custody of their children. All of this highlight the egoistic patriarchy and his mental state of being. His threats to media houses for publishing news about his adultery, which is more popular than his football career, again point out that he does not and would not self-analyze his ways. Nonetheless, he needs to work on his PR team for the future if in case there is any.

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Shakira still faces the emotional and mental toll of the separation


Superwomen Syndrome is now a trending phenomenon. The women of today are expected to do it all. They are expected to be the best socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She should be nothing less than that. Shakira seems to be caught up with this drama of being it all at once as well. She is being blamed for not marrying and having kids without marriage. Now she is being accused of tax fraud to add to the flames that are burning down her personal life.

Shakira is one of the most desired women in the world. The custody of her kids largely depends on the judgment of the tax fraud as it’s easier and does not require the involvement of adultery by her partner. It’s easier and justified for the man involved in the relationship to cheat and move on with his life. However, when a woman would want to do it, every method of suppression will be used. The sheer chaos that Shakira is facing in her life seems to be completely uncalled for, while Gerard Piqué spends time with his new romantic partner and enjoys guardianship of his and Shakira’s children.

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