Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have known each other since 2009, and since that year the former couple has generated numerous controversies surrounding their relationship. The pop sensation once openly lusted over her ex-husband went quite viral.

Singer Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

The Wrecking Ball singer never fails to surround herself with public attention, be it her songs or controversial posts regarding her ex-husband when they were a happily married couple. Miley Cyrus once openly posted on her Instagram story a picture of Liam Hemsworth in which the singer was obsessing over him just before they ended their marriage due to the cheating rumors.

Miley Cyrus Publicly Displayed Her Infatuation Over Ex-Husband Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus with ex-husband
Miley Cyrus with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth

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The pop sensation has been earning a lot of attention since she stepped into the world of music. Miley Cyrus is not only famous for her hit songs but also for the choices she made in her personal life. The We Can’t Stop singer has known Liam Hemsworth since they were young and confirmed their dating through airport PDA years back.

The globally renowned star and her ex-husband once displayed their full affection on Avengers: Endgame premiere followed by posting pictures and videos of them enjoying and manifesting their love through Instagram. Cyrus posted a story on her account with a picture of Hemsworth and added a thirsty caption:

“I’m literally freakishly obsessed with husband right now …. like always has been always will be, but RN it’s EXTRA compulsive 💦💦💦”

Here’s the story that Miley Cyrus posted via Harpers Bazaar:

Miley Cyrus's Instagram Story
Miley Cyrus’s Instagram Story Post

However, Liam Hemsworth did not reshare the story, but he did share some posts with the playful caption: “Me and my hot date last night @avengers endgame. An absolute blast of a time! 🚀🚀.” The coupe looked stunning together in exquisite attires that were shadowed by their PDA affection.

Dolly Parton Included Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball to Her Rockstar Album

Dolly Parton with Miley Cyrus new collaboration
Dolly Parton with Miley Cyrus

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Dolly Parton has added Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball to her upcoming Rockstar album which is almost here and is set to be released on November 17. Parton who is extensively lauded for her incredible singing career acknowledged Cyrus’s song and explained that this new version of Wrecking Ball was included due to her love and respect for the See You Again singer. According to Billboard, Parton said:

“To involve Miley in my rock ‘n’ roll album, I thought, well, I have to do ‘Wrecking Ball,’ because I love Miley and I love the song. So I said, ‘Will you come and do this for me?’ And she said, ‘Of course,’ but it actually came from the fact that we had done the song on NBC for her New Year’s show that she does every year from Miami.”

Dolly Parton mentioned her previous performance on Wrecking Ball with Miley Cyrus on NBC, which generated numerous positive responses from viewers and this is another reason for the two equally celebrated pop stars’ collaboration. Parton decided to blend her I Will Always Love You with Wrecking Ball for her upcoming new Album which is expected to elicit immense positive feedback again.

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