Fans are really excited about the new DC Universe run by James Gunn and Peter Safran. They’re eagerly awaiting the lineup of movies and TV shows, especially those under the ‘Gods and Monsters’ label. Among these, one of the most talked-about projects is the live-action Teen Titans film.

Ryan Potter as Beast Boy
Ryan Potter as Beast Boy in Titans 

Details about the Teen Titans movie are still a bit fuzzy, but people are already chatting about who should play the iconic superheroes. A recent update caught attention of Ryan Potter (who played Beast Boy in the Titans TV series). Recently, he backed an unexpected choice for the role in the upcoming DCU film.

Titans Star Prefers Iñaki Godoy as Beast Boy Instead of Ian Ousley

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy as Luffy in One Piece live-action adaptation

Ryan Potter named his ideal choice to take on the role in James Gunn’s DC Universe for the Teen Titans movie. This came after Ian Ousley (who played Sokka in Avatar: The Last Airbender) expressed interest in playing Beast Boy. He said in an interview with Screen Rant:

“I am really a huge fan of Titans, so I would love to be Beast Boy, that’s like a dream role for me. So, maybe one day?!

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So, taking to X, Potter shared said Iñaki Godoy (who played Monkey D. Luffy in the Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece) would be good for the Teen Titans movie, writing, “Inaki Godoy or nothing.”

Godoy’s background playing a lively and funny character like Luffy could suit Beast Boy’s cheerful and playful nature. While Ousley is talented, Potter’s support hints at a potential shift in how the character will be portrayed in the DCU.

A Fresh Start for the DCU’s Teen Titans

Titans (Image: Nicola Scott/DC Comics)
Titans (Image: Nicola Scott/DC Comics)

The Teen Titans movie is expected to skew younger, like the traditionally teenage superhero team in comics. While Dick Grayson was the leader of the Titans in the TV show, as per Screen Rant Damian Wayne would lead the DCU film, especially since The Brave and The Bold is coming up.

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Changing the leader in the Teen Titans movie means they want the film to be different from the Titans TV show. The series was more serious and sometimes violent, but the movie might be lighter and happier, like the Teen Titans usually are.

The DCU film presents an opportunity for a fresh start. Writer Ana Noguiera, known for her work on Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, is crafting the script. Casting details, including villain selection and specific team lineup, are shrouded in mystery.

Meanwhile watch Titans on Netflix.

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