Movie trailers follow a general rule but many movies are not as entertaining as their trailers suggest. But sometimes the trailer is amazing and special but when the movies are released, it is nowhere near it. And, we have seen most amazingly epic trailers being wasted on some lame pathetic movies!

1. In The Heart of the Sea – 2015

Not everyone wants to watch whaling in films, but the movie In The Heart of the Sea looked like it was here to change everyone’s opinions. The trailer promised everything: great cinematography, special effects, and Chris Hemsworth looking so good! There was everything the audience would have loved.

But when the movie came out, it turned out that it only looked good in the trailer. It had great actors and even Ron Howard is an amazing director and knows his way around putting a stunning story. But sadly the film didn’t connect with the audience. The characters were just yelling at each other and none of them were fully developed. Even “Thor” couldn’t save this film.

2. Tron: Legacy – 2010

Back in 1982, Tron received an overwhelming response from the audiences and didn’t take much longer to become a cult classic. And seeing this success, in 2010, Disney tried to capitalize on it with a different style and released Tron: Legacy. Decades after the original movie, the studio tried hard to make Tron trendy again and they almost succeed with that awesome trailer.

The trailer had great music some monochromatic neo and oh Olivia Wilde in that suit. And even though the movie wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t great either. It was pretty, but the visuals can take it just to a certain level. It even failed to win the critics or even restart the franchise.

3. The Last Airbender – 2010

All of us have high expectations when a movie is made by M.Night Shyamalan. But he too has had a few bad films and especially after his film Signs, we expected him to turn it around and redeem himself. The Last Airbender felt like a movie that could save him.

All he had to do was adapt the story from the hit franchise! And it even looked pretty good in the trailer and it had all of us believe that he did it. The trailer had all those things we loved in the cartoon show and we thought it was faithfully adapted to live-action. The trailer looked good and it was highly anticipated. But nope. This movie ended up being the lowest-rated film of Shyamalan.

4. Zoolander 2 – 2016

It doesn’t take much longer to get an unnecessary sequel these days, so it was a surprise that Zoolander 2 took so long. The first part of the movie had come in 2001 and was a huge hit at the box office making a cult comedy classic film. The audiences were excited to see a sequel. The trailer was great and had all the favorite characters.

But when it movie came, it was, err.. okay! There was nothing much to laugh at and the movie just sort of rode on nostalgia and had twists on the same jokes from the first film. People just got bored and even Justin Bieber couldn’t save it.

5. Battle: Los Angeles – 2011

This film had a great trailer, the opening had shots of UFO sightings from around the world and it had great visuals from the movie too. It looked breathtaking and it felt like it was all set to reinvent the alien invasion genre.

But sadly, the film was just tired tropes from the usual science fiction and war movies. The action scenes were okay and the alien story was sort of interesting but there was nothing much.

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