We have collectively witnessed a lot of landmark events take place this year. 2022 will be remembered for Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars. It will be remembered for Kanye West’s antics which have more or less spelled the doom of his career. But more than anything, this year will be remembered for the tussles between couples we’ve had the opportunity to witness. Be it because of the much-publicized Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial, Pique cheating on Shakira, or Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen calling it quits despite a seemingly dreamy love story.

Amber Heard wins this one feat over Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s trial has dominated the news on and off for the entirety of this year. The trial, which ended this June, attracted a lot of people’s attention. It dominated social media, with fans campaigning in support of the Pirates of the Caribbean star while the trial was going on, and showing their happiness when the verdict came in his favor.

This was a dark hour for Amber Heard though, who had to go through a lot during and after the trial. She was also popular, though for all the wrong reasons. No wonder she is Google’s Most Searched Celebrity for 2022.

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Who are among the most searched celebrities of 2022?

Amber Heard Johnny Depp are the most searched celebrities of 2022
2022’s most searched celebrities for all the wrong reasons

But Heard is in the news more because of the hate coming her way in the aftermath of the trial. She has a whopping 5.6 million searches to her name. The list published by CelebTattler also features Johnny Depp in the second spot. The 59-year-old has bagged 5.5 million searches this year. Close difference.

Following him is Queen Elizabeth, the monarch who passed away this year after being in power since times immemorial, with 4.6 million searches. Tom Brady with 4.06 million searches is in the fourth position. This means that three out of the top four are dominated by people who have been in the news for their divorces.

Tom Brady among the most searched celebrities of 2022
Tom Brady makes it to the most searched list as well

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The proportion of male divorcees in the list does indicate that people are obsessed with people who’ve been divorced recently or have had acrimonious relations with their partners. Tom Brady and Johnny Depp are just some examples.

Whenever any celebrity couple goes through a split, people take one person to be the victim and the other one to be the inflictor. Who is the victim depends on the circumstances. It was Johnny Depp once, and probably Gisele Bündchen the other time. But what is a common theme is one of them hogging the limelight.

How do you think next year’s list will look like?

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Source: New York Post

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