All fans of movie franchises and television shows know how frustrating it is to have the project tease one element for days only to disappoint with no major feature in the end. Amazon’s Invincible learned from these mistakes and finally gave fans what they wanted – a spotlight feature on the motivations and actions of the villain Angstrom Levy.

Season 2 of Invincible had many connections to Levy and his multiversal journey. However, fans didn’t see much of the villain in season 2 part 2, leaving them doubtful if Levy will reappear.

How Invincible Season 2 Improved Angstrom Levy’s Arc

Invincible Season 2 Finale
Invincible Season 2 Finale

Being a true adaptation for the fans of the comic series, the show Invincible did great justice to the source material and remained true to the essence of the narrative. From Mark Grayson’s moral dilemma to his relationship with his father and superhero Omni-Man, the Amazon Prime series hit all the right spots with its storytelling. The creators of the show were fans of the comics which made it easier for them to emulate all the crucial points from the story on screen.

However, the one aspect that delighted fans beyond compare was how polished Angstrom Levy’s narrative became in the series. While a menacing foe, his story and motives are somewhat unclear in the comic books. In an effort to clarify this and give Levy a more nuanced personality, the showrunners decided to add the flashback scenes when Levy throws Grayson into different dimensions to torture and hurt him.

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A still from Invincible season 1
A still from Invincible season 1

The comics don’t explain the reason behind Levy’s hatred for Grayson in the universe where he is a good person. Levy has been hurt before and he has faced a lot of pain, but his true enemy is the Mark Grayson who sides with Omni-Man to destroy the planet. So, why does Levy want to kill the only Grayson who is good?

As Debbie badgered Levy to face his dilemma and answer the burning question, Levy was forced to deal with his demons and relive all the horrible memories of his past and how he became deformed. Moreover, the memories from all Levy’s from different multiverses converge in the Angstrom Levy we see on screen, so he is able to see what all the evil Graysons did to Levy in all the dimensions. This pushes Levy off the edge and his anger burns deep within. Hence, we get an answer to why Levy is adamant about killing Mark Grayson.

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Will we see Angstrom Levy in Invincible Season 3?


If we are to go by the comic book storyline, we will definitely see Angstrom Levy back in action in the next season of Invincible. As per the source material, Levy calls interdimensional technicians who restore his health. After suffering the beating as he did from Grayson, he is more determined than ever to exact his revenge.

The Invincible War storyline is also lurking in the shadows as Levy gathers all the evil versions of Grayson to bring them into the main universe. Grayson has to face an army of his different versions to protect his family and the planet. Such a burden on his shoulders can make or break his character, and we see him face the same fate as his father Omni-Man.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Invincible are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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