The world of superheroes is a tricky one as the line between good and evil keeps blurring based on their intentions and purpose in life. While some heroes tend to cross over to the dark side, there are some who find good in their hearts and become heroic overnight.

One such character is Shapesmith from Prime Video’s Invincible series which charts the life of Mark Grayson, the son of superhero Omni-Man. When Grayson discovers he has powers, he sees two choices in front of him. To be a great superhero and protect the realm or follow the footsteps of his father.

Shapesmith to Return in Invincible Season 3


A member of Guardians of the Globe, Shapesmith migrated from Planet Mars to Earth and became a superhero. He was initially painted as an evil person, but he gradually finds the courage to be good and becomes a hero. This is one of the greatest aspects that sets Invincible apart from other web series. The animated show also focuses on developing secondary characters so the world seems more real.

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Ben Schwartz, the actor who voices Shapesmith, recently confirmed to Screen Rant that the iconic character will be making a comeback in season 3 of Invincible. The actor is familiar with the source material of the show and believes the showrunners are doing justice to the story perfectly. He further emphasized how much he loves Shapesmith’s powers and how he fits into the Invincible world. He said,

“So, I get to play comedy, and I also get to play these beautiful scenes of saving the day. In the last four that they released, there’s this gorgeous fight scene where you see Shapesmith really stand up for the team. I’m excited to keep going too. He’s still around, he hasn’t bitten the dust yet, so I get to keep playing him until whatever part of the storyline takes him to a place where maybe he’s not around anymore, but hopefully, he stays for a long, long time.”

Although Schwartz did not know the character from the comics, on which the show is based, he got to know the nuances of the character once he signed on to voice the role. His metamorphic abilities allow him to take on different personas all the while keeping his base personality similar.

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Who is Shapesmith?

Shapesmith in Invincible season 2
Shapesmith in Invincible season 2

Season 1, episode 4 titled Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out marks the first appearance of Shapesmith as he leaves Mars and makes his way to Earth. However, his true identity is unveiled when he leaves an astronaut behind to be infected. Unlike Invincible, who’s saving the astronauts, Shapesmith only thinks about himself and his safety.

After a few bumpy episodes where he struggles to understand what it truly means to be good, Shapesmith finally realizes the power he holds and helps Invincible and the Guardians of the Globe. He showcases the spirit of true teamwork and finally gains a place on the team of superheroes who are capable of protecting the realm.

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