Christmas HaulsPost holidays, especially Christmas, most of us will be dissatisfied with two things: either the gifts we received or the gifts we bought for others. After holidays is when we see gifts others received, which is like a blow in our faces. This is the time we realize how dumb our gift choices were as we compare to many others over the internet. Rubbing on our wounds is the many Christmas gift hauls and gift unboxings. One such gift this year was the custom Iron Man Xbox One Controller.

The custom made controller:

In this era of Apple goods and other luxury goodies, one person’s innovative idea of custom Iron Man Xbox Controllers has caught everyone’s eyes. It is in the central theme of Marvel’s signature Red and Gold with highlights of black. The simple controller is accentuated by the little Iron Man figurine propping it. 

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The Iron Man Customised Xbox One

Here’s how to do it on your own:

For those looking for late holiday presents or themselves, here’s a rare second chance. The Xbox Design Lab does personalization regularly. Not only Iron Man but a vast array of colors and characters are available. Numerous heroes, villains with unique color schemes and patterns are available too.

For all the Lazy fellas out there:

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The various kinds available

If you are too busy binge-watching your favorite series but still would like to buy a new customized consoler, you’re in luck this time. There is a whole array of pre-made personalized controllers on the blessed Xbox Design Lab website too. On the store’s main page currently New England Patriots, Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus, etc. color patterns are present. These are just a few out of the many options available there.

If you are not satisfied with a theme, several variations are also available, just like the camo. Happy Shopping,

 Source: comicbook

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