There are times when iron man proves just how incredible a person he is. His actions speak louder than any word. People worship him as a God for what he has done for the universe. He becomes a larger than life character. And then there are times where Tony Stark brings us back to reality by showing his goofy side. Instances like these prove that beneath that genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist façade, there’s a cheeseburger loving goofball who just likes to poke fun at things.

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Just take for example that time when iron Man tried to rename Vibranium with a cool new nickname – Badassium. He even tried to patent the name in the Patent Office. The authorities face-palmed, wondering just how this guy’s considered a top-tier genius. The fans were left in splits.

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The entire thing happened in Iron Man 2. When Iron Man was suffering from palladium poisoning due to exposure to the arc reactor on his chest, he was going through a pretty rough phase. So Nick Fury came to his rescue. He delivered a package that once belonged to Howard Stark, Tony’s father. Howard had discovered a new element but the technology of his time restricted him from creating it. So it fell on Tony’s shoulders to recreate that experiment and finish what his father started.

Enter Badassium


The resulting element was unlike anything ever seen in the periodic table. Tony Stark’s new element had a higher energy output. Tony had to literally make a new suit and arc reactor to contain the new, enhanced energy reserves. This new element, many don’t know this, was actually actually synthesized Vibranium. Back then, the MCU had no plans for a Black Panther movie. So they were placing Vibranium nuggets wherever they could find, Case in point, Captain America: The First Avenger, which ultimately ret-conned that information. This helped pave the way for Wakanda to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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But before The First Avenger was released in the theaters, an Iron Man tie-in comic book novelization was released by Marvel Comics. And it is in this comic book arc that we realize what’s up. Tony Stark was such a goofball that he wanted a goofy name for his goofy new cheesy as it sounds, he tried to rename his new element (aka Vibranium) as Badassium. When he applied for his patent in the patent office, things didn’t turn out as planned. He ran into obvious legal and bureaucratic problems because of the choice of the name for his new element.

Who would in their right minds teach a bunch of 12 year old kids the periodic table with the element Badassium in it!!!

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