Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness is indeed driving everyone crazy. Trailer, pictures, and snippets from here and there have made fans hypothesize various things about the movie. One such hypothesis is whether Doctor Strange is a Horror Movie? Well, Marvel isn’t a fandom that would make horror movies but quoting an excerpt from Collider:

Benedict is ready for a new sci-fi film
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Star – Benedict Cumberbatch

If you’re like me in considering yourself to be a fan of horror, Raimi’s name would have likely caught your attention with the hope it will knock your socks off with frights galore. If you’re more interested in the superhero aspect and less in the horror elements, you’re probably experiencing a bit of trepidation right now about whether this will be a movie that will keep you up with nightmares. While much of whether you consider this to be a terrifying horror film is going to be dependent on your own personal experience with the genre, it is still geared around being largely accessible to even the most green of viewers.

Doctor Strange himself clarifies…

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

In an interview with Esquire Middle East, Benedict Cumberbatch clarifies that this movie isn’t going to be as frightening as The Shining or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. But he does mention that this would be the scariest movie Marvel has ever made.

Cumberbatch mentions that he isn’t quite fond of the horror genre. He finds it very difficult to sit through them. He says, ” I’m very suggestible and gullible and I buy into what I’m watching and it just haunts me for too long afterward. It just scares me for longer than the moment in the film. I don’t really like living a life of horror or terrors, other than that in the real world without my imagination creating more. Horror is not my genre go-to. It’s not my genre go-to.

Cumberbatch’s Take on Raimi’s creation of horror in the movie

Doctor Strange as Zombie?! What?!
Doctor Strange as Zombie?! What?!

Sam Raimi’s films are inherently filled with his trademark zoom cuts, close-ups, and the “Schlokiness”. He has his way of telling a story. He makes dark and scary things with a kick of nostalgia and a hint of playfulness. Nevertheless, Cumberbatch does say that it might not be an “out-and-out spine-chilling horror film”, but fans must prepare themselves for jump scares. Let’s hope things don’t get out of hand…

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