In an interview that took an unexpected turn, Jonathan Majors voiced his displeasure when questioned privately about Paul Rudd’s profits from the popular TV program FRIENDS. The conversation revealed the sensitive nature of financial negotiations and sparked controversy about whether such queries were appropriate, especially in the setting of Hollywood.

Paul Rudd from FRIENDS
Paul Rudd

The reaction from Jonathan Majors serves as a reminder that, even though famous people frequently reveal details of their private lives to the public, there are still limits and sensitive issues that need for respect and consideration, just as Paul Rudd declined to delve deeply into the question of his earnings.

Jonathan Majors’ Firm Response to Invasive Paul Rudd FRIENDS Earnings Question

Actors Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors
Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors

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One of the most often asked questions regarding Ant-Man‘s leading man on the internet is “Does Paul Rudd get royalties from FRIENDS?”. When Paul Rudd and co-star Jonathan Majors participated in the WIRED Autocomplete Interview together, they learned this. He said, “I don’t believe that I do,” to which Majors retorted “Is it any of their business? That is comparable to personal financial information. Rudd reiterated his earlier response and stated, “I don’t think I did.” The Clueless actor continued by relating a tale about a pub in Los Angeles called “Residuals” where they would take your check, pin it on the wall, and give you a beer if it was less than $1.

While not every actor benefits from show reruns, the situation takes a different turn for the FRIENDS cast. Consisting of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, they receive a substantial 2% share of syndication revenue. This amounts to a noteworthy $20 million yearly for each cast member. The phenomenon stems from the enduring popularity of the show, which continues to rake in an astounding $1 billion annually for Warner Brothers. Worth noting, these royalties supplement the substantial salaries the cast earned during their time on the widely successful series.

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Paul Rudd’s Memorable Stint on FRIENDS 

Paul Rudd as Mike Hannigan and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

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The addition of Paul Rudd to the cast of the iconic television program FRIENDS during its later seasons was a notable one. Rudd made his acting debut in the eighth season as Mike Hannigan, a character who had a big impact on Phoebe Buffay’s life. His entrance brought a new energy to the group, and the entire cast responded favorably to his endearing and humorous presence. Paul Rudd was a key component of the last episodes of FRIENDS during his time on the program, which lasted until the finale of its tenth season.

Paul Rudd’s portrayal in  FRIENDS received high praise for both his comic timing and his relationship with the other cast members. He portrayed Phoebe Buffay, a character played by Lisa Kudrow, and their on-screen relationship brought a touching dimension to the show’s plot. Rudd’s depiction of Mike Hannigan gave the character complexity and humor, and his interactions with the other cast members led to the comedy show’s enduring popularity and genius.

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Source: Wired

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