Jordan Peterson is a psychologist and a self-appointed cultural defender from Canada. He couldn’t have asked for more media attention after his recent tweet that got him suspended from Twitter. However, that would not be the end of his punishment as Twitter continues to troll his recent video that was uploaded to YouTube titled “Why Twitter Is Insane”.

Within the video, the Canadian clinical psychologist has mentioned some rather strong words to describe the recent behavior of Twitter considering his situation as a prime example.

Jordan Peterson tweeted something inappropriate

Jordan Peterson and Elliot Page
Jordan Peterson and Elliot Page

Elliot Page, a transgender person, was referred to by his deadname by the YouTube personality. He had written: “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.

Given that Elliot Page himself has never made reference to Jordan Peterson and that it is unclear why he made such a special effort to target him, this was a breach of Twitter’s rules of service and just seems like a mean thing to do.

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Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson, turns it into a ban

Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro on Rubin Report
Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro on Rubin Report

So, when the psychologist removed the offensive tweet, his account was suspended and prepared to be reinstated. Right-wing cultural warrior Dave Rubin tweeted a screenshot of his original tweet as a sign of nasty solidarity, which led to the suspension of both accounts. Jordan Peterson stuck to his guns and vowed never to take back the tweet. Hence, making turning his suspension into a permanent ban from the social media platform.

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Trolling culture targets the famous professor by making him the Joker

Jordan Peterson
Twitter calls him the Joker

The former leading figure in the culture wars has gained notoriety for his strict all-beef diet and for unexpectedly crying during interviews, turning him into something of a meme.

The obvious contrast between his heavy self-seriousness and the absurdity of his outbursts is what makes Twitter users so amused by his antics. Especially in this case where it seems that he has taken his antics up a notch.

Twitter user @TallBart tweeted out an edited version of his latest YouTube video and turned it into a confessional into the iconic DC character “Joker”. Multiple Twitter users have responded to the comedic tweet and motivated the user to create more material.

Will the professor be ridiculed even further for taking his stand against Twitter or will he be sidelined and ignored by social media in the upcoming days? What are your thoughts on the psychologist’s stand?

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