Jennifer Garner, an accomplished American actress with experience in both dramatic and humorous parts, is known for her versatility. She began her career in the late 1990s with small roles in various television shows and films, before gaining wider recognition for her lead role in the spy thriller Alias, which earned her a Golden Globe Award. The 50-year-old has since appeared in several successful films, including 13 Going on 30 and Dallas Buyers Club.

Jennifer Garner
American Actress, Jennifer Garner

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Garner, best known for her roles as a CIA agent, has addressed being linked with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, following his recent marriage to Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Garner Discusses The Media Coverage Of Her Ex-Husband Ben Affleck 

Jennifer Garner has opened up about her efforts to avoid any media coverage related to her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. The former couple, who were married from 2005 to 2018, have maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their children. Despite this, Garner has chosen to keep a distance from Affleck’s public image. 

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck
Ex-Partners, Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck

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The Juno star explained that she works hard to not engage with any media coverage about the former couple, regardless of whether the news is positive or negative.

According to an interview with Stellar Magazine, she revealed,

“I really work hard not to see either of us in the press, it doesn’t make me feel good, even if it’s something nice about one of us.”

She added,

“I just try to forget that I’m out there in any way and the same with anyone I love. I don’t need to see anyone in my family made into a meme,”

The mother of three further elaborated that she prefers to keep her personal life private and away from the public eye. Internet memes with images of Affleck have gained popularity recently, including ones from the Grammy Awards in February.

Garner was asked if she has come across any of these memes, to which she responded that she hasn’t, but playfully added, “Although I’m sure he’s quite meme-worthy, yes!”

The actress’ decision to avoid any news related to Affleck comes at a time when the actor has been in the spotlight due to his recent marriage to Lopez. However, despite the media attention surrounding him, Garner has made it clear that she is focused on prioritizing her personal life and family.

Why Did Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Split Up

Ben Affleck and Garner, a famous power couple in Hollywood, separated in 2015. After being married for 10 years and three children together, they cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split.

In an interview with Howard Stern in 2021, Affleck explained that they had grown apart and had a marriage that simply did not work. He mentioned that they both tried to make it work for the sake of their children, but eventually realized that it was not a healthy model for them.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez
Romantic Partners, Ben Affleck, And Jennifer Lopez

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The 50-year-old revealed that he would still be drinking if they had stayed together, which he said was not a solution to his unhappiness.

However, he later addressed his remark in a 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he said that his current wife Lopez had assisted him with the interview to avoid any unfavorable outcomes.

He stated, “In fact, she gave me a talk this morning before this interview. She thinks that because of experiences that I’ve had, I’ve become very guarded.” He continued,

“And she’s right. I view these things as land mines, where if you say one wrong thing, your career might be over. I had a really painful experience where I did an interview where I was vulnerable, and the entire pickup was something that was not only not right, it was the opposite of what I meant.”

Affleck and Lopez, who previously dated from 2001 to 2004, rekindled their romance in 2021 and got engaged the same year. Despite their prior conflicts, they were prepared to commit to being together this time.

The Parker performer referred to their previous breakup as her “first real heartbreak.” They finally tied the knot in July of 2022 with two weddings.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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