Queen Elizabeth II, who marked 70 years on the throne will be known for her achievements and interestingly for her love for animals. Being an avid pet lover, the queen loved spending time with her Corgis. With the death of the queen, a photo of her two corgis, Sandy and Muick, has been circulating on the internet where they are seen being held on leashes by palace staff. 

Queen Elizabeth II's corgis
Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis sitting in the forecourt of Windsor Castle

While there is no official statement on who will look after the corgis, the royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter revealed all of the Queen’s children are ready to welcome the corgis with open arms. Reportedly, the Queen also welcomed a new four-year-old cocker spaniel to the furry family member in January 2022.  

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Netizens’ reaction to the corgis of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Pet Corgis
Queen Elizabeth with her corgis

Over her decades of reign, Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 corgis. When the photo of her corgis came on the internet, netizens felt sad for them. Since the queen died at the age of 96, many have been asking what will happen to her beloved pet animals. 

Reacting to the photo of her corgis sitting, a user said, “It’s this and the pony that’s gonna make me sob”

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Another user showed concern and wondered how these corgis will cope with the Queen’s death. 

“They sure miss her”, voiced another user.

A user also showed up to volunteer for the corgis after the death of the queen as she said, “I volunteer as tribute to care for the corgis!”

Who will look after the corgis after the death of the Queen?

queen-elizabeth corgi holiday
Queen Elizabeth also took her corgis on holidays along with her.

With the death of the queen, the photos of the royal companion corgis of Queen Elizabeth II have got everyone talking about it. Her son Prince Andrew and his daughter Princess Beatrice will reportedly take custody of the dogs. If the dogs do not want to stay with any family members, they will likely be kept with a trusted staff member. 

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