Melissa Vivian Jefferson, better known by her stage name Lizzo, once again won over our hearts by admitting to having bladders at the Grammy Awards. She wasn’t alone this time, though. 

It appears that chaos broke out at the Grammy 2023 when the Good As Hell singer and the Hello hitmaker were seated next to one another. Lizzo, who has known the Easy on Me singer for a while, reportedly had a “Good as Hell” time at the Grammys. During a Friday appearance on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the About Damn Time singer, who recently won the Grammy for ‘Record of the Year,’ reflected on her memorable night with Adele at the ceremony. 

The singer Lizzo
Lizzo the singer flaunting her shape-wear

She was having a great time because of the British star’s company along with some alcohol. According to Lizzo, they first met at “a birthday party or a Grammy party,” which she couldn’t recall at the time because shewas drunk at both,” she told People last year. 

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Lizzo and Adele smuggled alcohol in flasks at the Grammys 2023

The Rumors singer spoke on Friday’s episode of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show about her experience at the awards, where she sat next to British singer-songwriter Adele. Lizzo won the ‘Record of the Year’ at the 65th Grammys for About Damn Time, but she jokingly told Duran’s show that she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to accept the honor.

“I was so drunk. Me and Adele were drinking so much that we didn’t even really know what the categories were at this point. We were like, ‘Wait, did they do best new artist?’ We didn’t even know when it was time and they would just call out names so we were like, [smile].”

Lizzo then claimed that she made her special preparations for the Grammy night after learning she would be seated next to Adele, whose song Easy on Me won the award for best pop solo performance.

Adele and Lizzo
Adele and Lizzo

These legends are said to have been smuggling in multiple flasks of tequila and white wine, which brings back memories of our college days imbibing in alcohol in sweaty Oceania.

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Lizzo Wins ‘Record of the Year’ at the 2023 Grammy Awards

It was her proud and surprising About Damn Time moment that Lizzo won the ‘Record of the Year’ award at the 2023 Grammys. 

“Let me tell you something,” the Special singer exclaimed as she joyfully entered the stage to accept the award.

Me and Adele are having a good time just enjoying ourselves, rooting for our friends. This is an amazing night, this is so unexpected.”

She revealed on Elvis Duran’s show that she was completely taken aback when she received the award for About Damn Time. She even paid tribute to the late musician Prince in her award speech.

When we lost Prince, I decided to dedicate my life to making positive music. I was like, ‘I don’t care if my positivity bothers you — what’s wrong with you?” the Water Me singer shared with a loud laugh.

Lizzo faced a similar backlash recently

For unheard, the performing artist who wins ‘Record of the Year’ is honored for their single song that was either released or gained popularity during the eligibility period for the ceremony, which was from October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022.

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Source- Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


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