The devastating tragedy involving OceanGate’s Titan submersible has been the subject of discussion for a while now. After almost 96 hours it was discovered that OceanGate’s Titan submarine had lost communication with its surface support ship while exploring the Titanic ruins in the Atlantic Ocean. The five passengers onboard died in the tragic accident.

According to OceanGate’s website, the Titan Expedition intended to carry out a thorough scientific and technological examination of the famous wreck. The expedition was both a scientific effort and a chance for people to see the Titanic up close, with each seat on the Titan costing about $250,000. Up to six passengers could have traveled in the Titan submersible at a time.

Titanic wreck
Titanic wreck

OceanGate has decided to stop all business and commercial operations

OceanGate has finally made the announcement that it is suspending all of its commercial and exploration activities. The decision was made a few weeks after the company’s submersible, the Titan, imploded close to the Titanic’s wreckage, killing all five people aboard.

All commercial and exploration activities have been suspended by OceanGate, the company that ran the tourist submersible that exploded on an expedition to the Titanic wreck. Over two weeks after the disaster, the company announced it on its website on Thursday, July 6th.

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Titan submersible
Titan submersible

On June 18, the Titan submersible, which was carrying five passengers, lost touch with its support vessel. Four days later, the submersible’s wreckage was discovered scattered across the seabed 1,600 feet from the Titanic wreck’s location. Presumable human remains have been found there and recovered by the U.S. Coast Guard. OceanGate has ceased all of its operations, including its preparations for two missions to the Titanic wreck in June 2024.

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Public reaction to this news

People are still reeling over the Titan submersible’s devastating disaster, which took the lives of five passengers. People on Twitter have responded to the recent announcement by the OceanGate company regarding its suspension of all business and commercial operations.

Someone responded by pointing out that it took them enough time to arrive at this decision. “It took this long to come to this decision?” said the person. Many others twitted the same saying that they really ought to have stopped this excursion long ago. Going to the Titanic wreck is extremely risky because it is located so deep under the ocean.

Another reader responded by saying it was unbelievable that the company even believed it could continue operating as if nothing had happened following the horrific tragedy.

Another person said that it is a good thing that the operations are suspended as the brand name is now cursed.

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Titan submersible
Titan submersible

How long OceanGate intends to suspend operations is unknown. On its website and social media accounts as well, the company has promised to keep posting further information.

Source: Twitter

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