After working in small roles in projects like Maleficent, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Army of the Dead, Ella Purnell is all set to take on a major role in a dystopian show. The breakout actor has embarked on this transformative journey while playing Lucy in the drama show Fallout.

Based on Fallout by Bethesda Softworks, the show features a post-apocalyptic world rendered destroyed and lifeless due to mutants and radiation. Purnell will be playing the central role in the show, something her fans have been looking forward to. However, she will also be seen in a small role in another big series by Amazon Prime.

Ella Purnell’s Role in Invincible

Invincible on Prime Video
Invincible on Prime Video

While promoting the new series Fallout by Amazon Prime Video, Ella Purnell shed some light on the role she will be playing on the blockbuster animated show Invincible, adapted from the eponymous comic books. Though we know it’s going to be a cameo and not a full-fledged role, Purnell explained what fans can expect from her appearance in the upcoming season of Invincible. In a conversation with Collider, she mentioned,

“You know what? It’s a little cameo role. I don’t think I can say anything more than that. It’s not for very long. It’s a little callback to a Season 1 bit. It’s a little Easter egg. I don’t know if anyone will even notice, but I don’t know. We’ll see! I can’t quite remember. I also did that during Fallout, I think. On a Sunday.”

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Ella Purnell in Fallout
Ella Purnell in Fallout

Given how Invincible season 2 ended, fans are fired up to know how the story continues as Angstrom Levy will surely be back for revenge. Mark Grayson will have to single-handedly neutralize the threat and protect his family along with the entire realm. The multiversal adventure of the season 2 finale has left fans wanting more.

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When Will Invincible Season 3 be Released?

Shrinking Rae in Invincible

Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s blockbuster show Invincible just ended. This means we won’t get the next season at least till 2025. This will help increase the already buzzing excitement for the show to return while giving the crew a chance to work on the next installment with more focus and dedication. The voice acting has already been recorded and the show is undergoing production.

With many exciting storylines in store, season 3 of Invincible is expected to blow the fandom away with its innovative narrative and more adrenaline-packed action scenes. Given the gap between season 1 and 2, fans are wondering if they will again have to wait for so long. However, creator Robert Kirkman has assured viewers that they are working on fixing delays and the season will be complete before we know it. No official release date has been announced yet.

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