With the release of Brooke Shields’ documentary, people will get to know about her journey in Hollywood. She has had quite a scandalous career as a child actor. Shields became a s*x symbol at a very young age with her role as a child prostitute in Pretty Baby. But as things happen, at the lowest point of her career she got s*xually assaulted by a Hollywood executive.

And according to her words, that incident scarred her and even after 3 decades, the memory haunts her. In a recent interview, she opened up a lot more about her career over the years. And the impact these experiences have had on her.

Brooke Shields Reveals S*xual Assault Trauma Still Haunts Her After Three Decades

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

Recently, Brooke Shields opened up about the incident where she was s*xually assaulted by a Hollywood executive. All of this would be covered in her latest two-part documentary Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby.  Not only that but her whole journey of being a child star who was overly s*xualized will also be in the documentary.

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Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

In a recent interview with People, she opened up about a traumatic experience she had to go through. And it was unquestionably the s*xual assault she faced three decades ago. Even after so many it seems that the actress is still affected by it. At the time she did not dare to tell anyone about what she experienced. But according to Shields, watching everything in her documentary made her realize her perseverance. She shared,

“Doing the documentary, you see it all together, and it’s a miracle that I survived,”

Furthermore, the Blue Lagoon star also mentioned that while it had not been violent, it was undoubtedly scary. And now that she is much older, more than being scared, she feels anger. In her documentary which premiered on April 3rd, her journey as a s*xualized child star has also been explored.

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The S*xual Assault Incident Against Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

It happened back when Brooke Shields was in her 20s. At the time, the actress had been going through a low point in her film career. Therefore we jumped on the opportunity to make an acquaintance with a Hollywood executive. In hopes of getting a job, Shields accepted his invitation to make a call for a cab from the assaulter’s room. However what she thought of as a harmless situation soon turned into a scary one. The Pretty Baby star was s*xually assaulted by the man and she shared that the situation made her freeze up.  According to Shields, it had been a fight or flight situation. Therefore as she could not fight she chose to detach from her body mentally. This is what she shared in her documentary.

Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby is available for watching on Hulu.

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Source: People

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