For the uninitiated, every December, Tom Cruise gets hundreds of $126 (£101) white chocolate coconut cakes from Doan’s Bakery in California, packages them with a letter and a Christmas tree ornament, and delivers them to his closest and beloved. Colleagues. Close companions. Co-stars from the past. Journalists asked Tom Cruise for a dessert to increase their word count two years ago. Basically, everyone is significant. The desserts are delicious and highly decadent.

Brooke Shields, on the other hand, no longer receives one. Shields is currently supporting her new Hulu documentary, Pretty Baby. Throughout the documentary, Shields is extremely candid about Hollywood, her sexual assault, her mother’s addiction problems, her relationship with Michael Jackson, and even how she lost her virginity to Dean Cain at the age of 22.

Brooke Shields is no longer a recipient of a Tom Cruise Christmas treat.

Tom Cruise has stopped mailing Brooke Shields a Christmas cake, but she has no idea “what happened.” The actress revealed to People on Tuesday that she has been on the list for a while and has had a good 10-year run in obtaining the $126 bundt cake Cruise delivers to his celebrity friends for the holidays.

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“Every year, I got the coconut cake, which made me very happy,” she said. Shields, 57, then laughed at the star, 60, for leaving out his ex-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri, from his Christmas letter. “At first, it was from them and Suri, so it was the three of them, and then it was no Suri, no Katie, and just Tom,” she added. “After that, it was just Tom for a while, but not every holiday.” The dessert then came to a halt.”

 Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields
Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields

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The model explained that the shift occurred recently and has nothing to do with her and Cruise’s previous feud over her postpartum depression medicine. In 2005, the Oscar candidate notoriously labeled Shields irresponsible, She responded with a ‘ridiculous’ rant.

The pair got over the controversy and stayed friends.

Then there’s her beef with Tom Cruise. Shields disclosed in 2005 that she had struggled with depression after the delivery of her daughter and had taken medication to manage it. However, this was during Cruise’s major career slump, when he began jumping on sofas and oversharing about Scientology, possibly due to poor advice, until he was essentially fired from Paramount by mogul Sumner Redstone.

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Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise
Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise

When questioned about Shields’ antidepressant use on The Today Show, Cruise stepped in a little too quickly, says “She has no idea what these substances are, and promoting them is reckless.” Shields resisted, and Cruise finally apologized and added her to the dessert list.

Tom Cruise has stopped sending out cakes to Shields

Now, the desserts are no longer available. Shields tells People magazine that she “had a good 10-year run” with the desserts before they gradually petered out. She claims that at first, the desserts were autographed by Cruise, his then-wife Katie Holmes, and their daughter, Suri. However, after the wedding, the cakes only arrived with a note from Cruise.

Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise
Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise

Then they began to arrive infrequently, sometimes missing a year here and there before ceasing entirely. This is painful. “I’d like to reapply for that cake list.” Shields told, “It’s the best cake.” “I need to get back on the cake list, Tom.”

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