Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls has already been released as a musical and it’s fantastic news for fans who have eagerly awaited its arrival. The buzz and excitement surrounding its release have undoubtedly reached new heights as audiences immerse themselves in the familiar yet fresh world of the iconic Mean Girls.

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Amidst the fervor surrounding the Mean Girls musical, Tina Fey, the creative force behind the original film, has sparked speculation by pondering whether the Mean Girls movies exist in a shared universe, drawing parallels to the Spider-Man movies featuring Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield. This intriguing comparison has fans speculating about the movie’s storyline, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already highly anticipated musical.

Tina Fey’s Multiverse Approach to Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls

original Mean Girls
The original cast of Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan‘s Mean Girls is a timeless classic. In a surprising twist, Fey has disclosed that the recent release combines the 2004 movie and the 2018 Broadway musical, offering a fresh take with anticipated narrative changes. The cinematic experience promises a divergent yet essence-retaining storyline for eager fans.

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Tina Fey’s revelation about the movie being part of a multiverse introduces an intriguing layer to the Mean Girls universe. Drawing a parallel with the Spider-Man films, Fey suggests that this new Mean Girls isn’t just a standalone production but a piece in a broader tapestry of stories. Tina Fey told EW,

“I wouldn’t look at it with a microscope. It doesn’t entirely make sense, but it’s a multiverse. That’s what it is. Yeah, it’s a Spider-Man,” Fey says jokingly. ” I don’t really know those movies, so I don’t know if what I’m saying applies.”

However, she hinted that she does not know much about those marvel movies so her theory could be wrong. The inclusion of a subplot where Cady Heron, now portrayed by the talented Angourie Rice, revisits her high school roots is a clever nod to the first film.

Cady’s return to the North Shore High School Mathletes team for the state finals competition adds a layer of continuity, and the competition being moderated by none other than Lindsay Lohan herself is a delightful twist that blurs the lines between the two movies.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Legacy Continues in The New Mean Girls Movie

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas
Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas

The latest rendition of Mean Girls has hit screens two decades after the original, creating a unique bridge between eras. This cinematic journey is not just a fresh start; it intertwines with the past by strategically recasting actors from the OG movie and the Broadway show that ensued.

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Tina Fey, the maestro behind the scenes, orchestrates this symphony of nostalgia by not only reprising her iconic role as Ms. Norbury but also bringing back Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall. The inclusion of these familiar faces is more than a mere nod to the past; it’s a deliberate attempt to weave a seamless connection between the two timelines.

However, the plot thickens as the characters evolve. In a delightful twist, the film unveils the unexpected marriage of Principal Duvall and Ms. Norbury, adding a new layer to their dynamic. Fey told EW,

“Paramount was like, ‘We would like you to [play Ms. Norbury],’ and I could get my head around doing it if Tim [Meadows] would do it too.”

The return of Lindsay Lohan in a cameo appearance adds another layer of authenticity in the new film. One notable inclusion is Reneé Rapp, who steps into the formidable shoes of Regina George once again, reprising her role from the Broadway show. This strategic casting choices not only pays homage to the theatrical iteration but also introduces a set of talented actors who has already proven her prowess in embodying the iconic character.

Mean Girls (2024) is now in theaters.

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