The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus portrayed the character of Murphy MacManus along with Sean Patrick Flanery, who played Connor MacManus in Troy Duff’s 1999 directorial debut, The Boondock Saints. The storyline follows Irish fraternal twin brothers who become vigilantes after, in an act of self-defense, they end up killing two members of the Russian mafia.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus in The Bikeriders | Focus Features

The first-time director’s creation was reportedly inspired by personal experiences. The movie, upon its release, received negative reviews and eventually tanked at the box office, with critics and the audience mentioning that it glorifies vigilante justice and violence. However, the movie over the years gained cult classic status, and the sequel was released in 2009. Now, Norman Reedus has teased about a third installment.

Norman Reedus talks about his hilarious introduction to the cast of The Bikeriders

Actor Norman Reedus is one of the finest actors in the industry and is popularly known for his portrayal of Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. The actor has managed to cement his place in the industry as well as in the minds of critics and the audience.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus plays Funny Sonny in The Bikeriders | Focus Features

Reedus is going to appear as Funny Sonny in Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders, and ahead of the release of the movie, he spoke to ScreenRant about the hilarious way he was introduced to the cast. He mentioned that he met Jeff Nichols at Cannes as they were sitting next to each other at the dinner, which is when the director told him about the idea of The Bikeriders. The actor revealed that after he read the script, he asked Nichols if he could try something and go in the other direction. Norman added,

I showed up with these fake teeth, and I’d go to Starbucks and try to order food and see if anyone could understand me, you know, with a mouth full of plastic. The first time the cast saw me was when I rode down the hill. I am riding this suicide shift with a rubber ducky that I can’t touch, so I’m underneath it with my two fingers, trying to thread it.

Norman Reedus added that he had borrowed pink sunglasses which he later realized were prescribed, but he still stuck with them. The actor said that he could barely see, and the cast was sitting on a bench, and that is how he met his co-stars. The cast includes Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, Mike Faist, Jodie Comer, and more.

The movie premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in 2023 and received positive feedback from critics. Due to SAG-AFTRA, the release date was pushed, and it is now scheduled to be released on June 21, 2024.

Norman Reedus gives a much-awaited update on The Boondock Saints 3

During the interview, the actor was asked about an update on the highly awaited The Boondock Saints 3, to which Reedus said,

It’s happening. There’s a sort of a rough outline of a script. In the opening sequence, I think they’re keeping from that rough outline because it’s crazy. It’s crazy. It’s basically the boys breaking out of prison. That’s how it starts.

Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery
Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery will return for The Boondock Saints 3 | Indican Pictures

Norman Reedus also mentioned that the franchise has never shied away from going all out with the action sequences, and it’s not going to change for the third installment too, despite Troy Duffy not returning to direct the movie. On Duffy’s absence as the director of the movie, Reedus shared with Deadline;

I’m thrilled to be working alongside Basil Iwanyk’s Thunder Road Films and Todd Myers’ DragonflyFilms to bring more of the story of the Boondock Sainst to the audience. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have long been working toward. We are pressing on without our longtime friend and Captain, Troy Duffy on this one.

Troy Duffy will however continue to write a series of books about Saints to continue their story, and Reedus is equally excited to read it. The upcoming movie is said to focus on the indoctrination of new Saints.

The Boondock Saints is available to stream on Peacock.

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