Norman Reedus star of The Walking Dead came out with a heart-wrenching revelation as to why he did not attend the funeral of his co-start, Scott Wilson. Scott Wilson was well-known as Hershel Greene, the father of Maggie Rhee from seasons two to four of AMC’s one of the most popular dramas The Walking Dead. Much to the disappointment of their fans, this legendary actor died in his home from leukemia back in 2018.

Even though all the co-stars from the set of The Walking Dead had attended his funeral Norman Reedus was not present. After what seems like 5 years Norman Reedus has shared the reason behind his absence and also states how much he regrets it.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus

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Norman Reedus regrets missing Scott Wilson’s funeral

Norman Reedus who played the fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon on the most critically acclaimed television series The Walking Dead has shared his regrets for not attending his co-star Scott Wilson’s funeral.

Talking about this Reedus admitted, “I regretted not being able to come to his funeral.”

Norman Reedus with Scott Wilson
Norman Reedus with Scott Wilson

Reedus’s regret is deeply rooted in the unfortunate timing of events, as Scott Wilson died the exact day that Reedus’s wife was in labor and they welcomed a baby girl into their life. The emotional turmoil that Reedus had been under due to this unique juncture has been difficult for Reedus to get over.

“He died on the same day my daughter was born. So I couldn’t go, ’cause we were in labor” Reedus said.

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Scott Wilson was like a father to Norman Reedus

While talking about his relationship with Scott Wilson, Reedus said he always tried to stick around Wilson as he was not well aware of his father.

Recalling Wilson and his work, Reedus said that Scott Wilson was nothing but a legitimate hero. He also shared how Wilson used to sneak into his trailer all the time. Reedus said that both he and Wilson had become very good friends and he just loved him. He also stated that his love for Wilson has always come out so pure becomes he was not able to know his father as much as he wanted to and talking with Wilson only made him feel he was trying to know his father more.

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Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead

Talking about this Norman Reedus said,

“He and I became really good friends. I just loved Scott. I think because I didn’t know my dad as much as I would have liked to. When I find guys that I really respect of that age, I f*****g stick to them. I stick to them, I don’t know what it is, I just love them.”

Even though Norman Reedus was helpless with the unfortunate turns of events and their timing in his life at the time of Scott Wilson’s death. He still holds him and his memories dear to himself.

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