Madame Web is the official entry of Dakota Johnson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the superhero project failed to create an impact at the box office and as well as with the audience. The first release from the House of MCU in 2024, has already been registered as a huge disaster. From a weak storyline to poor acting- almost every aspect of Madame Web has been criticized by the movie experts.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

However, not many people know that Dakota Johnson was excluded from the Madame Web chat group for her unresponsive behavior toward the group members.

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Dakota Johnson Was Removed From The Madame Web Group Chat For Being Unresponsive

During a recent interview with E! News, Dakota Johnson spoke about Madame Web, her co-stars, and her inability to connect with them. She revealed that Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor had created a chat group named The Boo Crew and she wasn’t invited to be a part of it. While talking about their actions, she said

“I don’t think they include me. I’m older than them, and they make sure that I’m aware of that.”

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

The trio is quite young in comparison to the Fifty Shades Of Grey actor. Johnson clearly understood that being a millennial made her left out of GenZ’s chat group. However, the actual reason behind not including her was something else. According to a viral video on X, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor have spoken about the unresponsive nature of the Madame Web protagonist.

In the viral clip, the trio is seen discussing Dakota Johnson and how she has left their messages on read for the past two years. They even mention that they do not leave each other on read. So, it’s quite evident why Dakota Johnson is excluded from The Boo Crew chat group.

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Dakota Johnson Talks About The Script Of Madame Web

During an interview with The Wrap, Persuasion actor Dakota Johnson spoke about the changes in the script of Madame Web. The actor revealed that the script of the superhero project went through drastic changes. She said-

“There were drastic changes. And I can’t even tell you what they were.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney in the sets of Madame Web

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According to Johnson, the script of Madame Web was different in comparison to the one she went through while signing the movie. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dakota Johnson mentioned that filming Madame Web was nothing less than a psychotic process for her. While talking about working with the blue screen, she said-

“I’ve never really done a movie where you are on a blue screen, and there’s fake explosions going off, and someone’s going, ‘Explosion!’ and you act like there’s an explosion. That to me was absolutely psychotic. I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is going to be good at all! I hope that I did an okay job!’ But I trusted [Clarkson]. She works so hard, and she has not taken her eyes off this movie since we started.”

Despite being one of the most awaited movies of 2024, Madame Web failed to captivate the audience and fell flat on the face at the box office.

Madame Web is running in the theatres now.

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