It’s Valentine’s Day and Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web is out! However, the reviews her film generated literally scared us, and we wonder if this was the thing the actress feared before her film’s release.

Madame Web
Madame Web

Negative reviews for Madame Web aren’t new, since the trailer was harshly reviewed. But the latest comment that it’s received after the release seems to be beyond brutal. Fans are extremely disappointed with the plot, claiming that it made no sense, and even Morbius was better than Madame Web.

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Gets Super Harsh Reviews From Fans

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson in a still from Madame Web

While many predicted that Madame Web would turn out a disappointment, Dakota Johnson‘s fans kept their hopes high. But now that the film is finally out, it is being crowned as the worst movie of the franchise. Not only did the plot make no sense, but even the scenes were poorly filmed. All the excitement and anticipation for Johnson’s film seems to be dying on the first day of its release.

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Morbius, which was released in 2022, is now being dethroned from the worst movie ever in a larger spider-verse, as the position has been helmed by Sydney Sweeney‘s Madame Web. Jared Leto who played the titular role received immense criticism but not more than Dakota Johnson.

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Viewers are complaining about the absence of enthusiasm and thrill in Johnson’s Cassandra Webb, even after she discovers her abilities. Unlike other superhero films, Madame Web barely includes any engaging superhero-related sequences, and the reviews are completely discouraging the ones who have yet to watch the film.

Madame Web‘s Powers Seemed Unimpressive To Almost Every Fan

One significant element that has been unskillfully crafted in Madame Web is Cassandra’s powers. Despite discovering that she has unique abilities, the character looks quite dull. And what made it even worse was described as a mutant from Marvel’s multiverse with no proper identification. And if this is what Sony can make after exciting fans with thrilling posters, then the film is bound to face harsh reviews.

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Dakota Johnson's Madame Web
Madame Web

From stale action to confusing script, fans are hardly finding any good words to speak about Madame Web. The backlash isn’t limited to the main character but also reaches the movie’s main villain Ezekiel played by Tahar Rahim. The adversary became an embarrassment for Madame Web due to its unimpressive costume.

Sydney Sweeney who played Julia Carpenter/Spiderwoman, also didn’t feel like an engaging character. The loose ends at the film’s ending hinted at spinoffs, but if Madame Web ends up as a disaster, fans will barely watch the spin-off. However, there’s no confirmation whether Sony is planning to expand the story or make any other project.

Madame Web is in theatres now.

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