In the era of intense social media consumption and accessibility, spreading rumors and making news out of something fake has become quite easy. And that happens a lot more in the case of celebrities, as their lives are always out there for public consumption.

Jaden Smith And Willow Smith
Jaden Smith And Willow Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son, Jaden Smith also fell prey to such a hoax last year. The social media fake news pattern continued when news of Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith’s death, started circulating on Tik Tok in February 2022, causing a stir on the internet.

Fans of The Karate Kid star got distraught and concerned about hearing all the social media buzz about him dying in some car crash.

Rumors of Jaden Smith’s Death by Car Crash

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith

Sometimes we hear fake news, which might hold some genuineness in its context. But most of the time, these hoaxes are completely based on untrue facts, just to gain attention.

In February 2022, a Tik Tok video compiling some photos of The Karate Kid star started going viral, making people believe that Smith is no longer alive. The fake news created an uproar on social media platforms, making fans comment in large numbers.

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The weirdest thing is that people often believe this fake news, genuinely getting concerned about their favorite celebrities.

One even confirmed the hoax, writing,

These were more tweets on Jaden Smith’s rumored death that found their way out on Twitter last year:

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Jaden Smith Had To Stop The Rumors Of His Death

jaden smith and will smith
Jaden Smith and Will Smith

Things went out of whack, which made Smith himself come forward and clear the air regarding the rumors. On February 25th, 2022, Smith tweeted, “Invisible,” putting an end to all the fake rumors.

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Well, it was not the first time anyone from the Will family fell prey to these death hoaxes. It has happened many times with them like it always does with many other celebrities as well.  A fan wrote after the actor’s tweet:

The famous rapper has earned a lot of accolades and success at a young age, despite being subjected to intense scrutiny because of his well-known parents and their relationship trajectory. Jaden Smith is not only a popular singer and rapper, but also a good actor. His last movies were Life In A Year and After Earth.

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