The news of James Gunn getting hired by DC came as a surprise to everyone. This also suggests that Disney might have made a mistake by firing Gunn. James Gunn was behind the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and made Disney over $1.5 billion.

Gunn got fired by Disney after his decade-old tweets on rape and paedophilia resurfaced on the internet. He was supported by fans and cast of Guardians, which even wrote a letter to Disney, requesting to rehire Gunn, but all of it went in vain.

It was recently reported by The Wrap that the director is in talks with DC for the sequel to Suicide Squad. This rumour, if it’s true, totally proves that Disney did make a mistake by letting go of Gunn. Gunn was fired by Disney in haste, meaning that they fired him just hours after the whole controversy sprung out. The tweets were unearthed by political activist Mike Cernovich, due to Gunn’s recent criticism of Donald Trump.

Gunn even apologised for his past, but nothing really mattered for Disney. While Disney CEO Bob Iger insists that the decision was unanimous, it’s evident that the company acted in the heat of the controversy. Had Disney taken their time to investigate and talk to Gunn, things might have turned out differently for the director.

Gunn wasn’t just about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but he could have been a major player in creating the future of MCU’s cosmic wing. He introduced various cosmic elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he could have been an overseer of all Marvel films. Gunn was a hands-on producer on Infinity War and Avengers 4 and could’ve played a major role in other cosmic properties owned by Marvel, like The Eternals.

However, if DC hires Gunn, a return to Marvel could be next to impossible for the director. It’s already rumoured that the sequel to Suicide Squad will not actually be a sequel but a fresh take by the director. This means that Gunn will have full freedom to use new characters and storyline. Anyhow, DC would love to have the talented director on their side.

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