It has been a decade since Man of Steel‘s release. Zack Snyder’s debut film at DC or the first of Snyderverse had a polarising reception, to say the least. The ending caused a heated debate, as Superman went against his no-kill policy which is a key trait of his in the comics and other adaptations.

A decade after Man of Steel hit cinemas, the ending and Superman‘s actions have reached a resolving note. James Gunn’s The Flash helped achieve this. In a flashback scene, it brought the explanation of Superman actually killing someone. The movie has brought the Man of Steel’s controversial ending back into discourse.

The Flash Explained Man of Steel Ending

Ezra Miller‘s, The Flash was not exactly a hit at the box office. But it has proven Zack Snyder to be a bigger genius than he gets credit for.

Ezra Miller in and as The Flash
Ezra Miller in and as The Flash

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In the Snyderverse movies, ran a common theme of superheroes finding themselves at moral and ethical crossroads, conflicted. And having to make a tough choice. As Man of Steel depicts Clark Kent learning to navigate his way in the world, he is faced with the dilemma and challenge of having to kill the Kryptonian General Zod.

Superman killed General Zod
Superman’s killing of General Zod in Man of Steel

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The Flash provides more context for this incident. In a Flash kind of time travel, when Barry Allen creates an alternate reality, it is revealed that General Zod kills Superman who is only an infant at the time. This version of reality entails catastrophe as without Henry Cavill‘s Superman stopping him, General Zod is then able to capture Earth to turn it into Krypton.

Zack Snyder’s Far Vision

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder’s was a very somber take on DC’s superheroes. An ironical note, depicting them to be human despite the superpowers they possess. Putting them in a situation where their inherent goodness and integrity are challenged to a degree that almost pushes them towards losing themselves and yet finding their footing again.

Superman is no exception to this. As Man of Steel is about the initial stages of Clark Kent finding himself as a superhero; the movie creates an enthralling tale of essentially, an alien fighting tooth and nail to protect a world that he himself finds to be violent, dark, and wide. And yet he acts against himself by killing off the biggest threat to humans.

This in itself is a very profound and unprecedented take on Superman’sstory. And now the highly debated ending scene having some explanation is just everything kicking into place.

It is interesting to note that how James Gunn has honored and justified Snyder’s storytelling through his work. As DC is currently in transition stages and also on a flop streak, this blast from the past has given fans a good deal to gush about.

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