Blue Beetle’s release has brought with itself more questions than answers for James Gunn and his pursuit of rebooting the DCEU with a new lineup of movies and series under the DCU umbrella.

The movie which follows Jaime Reyes and his experience of being bestowed by an ancient relic of alien biotechnology called the Scarab, which subsequently makes him the superhero Blue Beetle is considered a late-entry into DCEU. However, the character of Blue Beetle itself is the first official DCU character.

A shot from Blue Beetle.
A shot from Blue Beetle.

As such, fans have naturally tried to find a connection between the Xolo Maridueña starrer and almost Henry Cavill starrer Man of Steel 2.

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James Gunn Finds Himself in the Spotlight Yet Again Over Henry Cavill’s Dismissal

The first film in DC Studios’ new DCU, Superman: Legacy is still two years away from hitting the theaters, but considering how crucial the project is for DC chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran, every bit of detail gets a lot of limelight and scrutiny, especially after the way fan-favorite Henry Cavill was dropped from the role and replaced.

Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn.
Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn.

Gunn, who is also directing the movie, wanted a young actor as the story will be focusing on the early life of Superman – at least that’s what earlier suggestions indicated. Since the focus will be supposedly on Clark Kent’s 20s, DC Studios roped in David Corenswet to replace Cavill.

Fans are keen to know how Corenswet’s Superman will be presented in the fresh take. Accordingly, a reference to the popular hero in Blue Beetle has raised a few doubts among some fans.

On Threads, @TheBadoneAndy enquired about Superman’s existence, stating: “James Gunn so in blue beetle at least in the commercial Jaime knows who Superman is, and you’ve said Blue Beetle is in your DCU. So is your young Superman movie set in the past?”

The co-CEO of DC Studios was quick to clear this fan’s doubt and insisted he was never making a “young Superman” movie, just a Superman movie. How Cavill’s fans who were told he’s no longer part of the project due to his age will react to this would be interesting to see.

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What The Suicide Squad Producer Has Said About James Gunn’s DCU Plans

Gunn’s bold experiment hasn’t just left some fans scratching their heads, but even reputed producer Charles Roven is struggling to properly grasp what exactly the 57-year-old is doing.

DC Studios chief James Gunn.
DC Studios chief James Gunn.

Roven who worked alongside Gunn for The Suicide Squad said: “Right now, they’re really rebooting everything, and it’s a little bit unclear to me exactly how finite their desire is to use or not use any DCEU actors in the same roles. So I’m not really sure, but at the moment, we’re not really having any discussions.”

As we get closer to Superman: Legacy more details and clarity over Gunn’s plans should emerge. For now, though, he’d hope Blue Beetle performs well at the box office, as another DCEU flop will only raise more questions for the man at the helm.

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