As revealed by James Gunn, the cameras for his upcoming Superman began to roll coincidently on the Man of Steel’s birthday. Since fans are eagerly anticipating the film, the director has shared another key detail that pleases the enthusiasts.

James Gunn confirms Superman is not an origin story

From the day it was announced that Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, now titled Superman, will be the rebooted DCU’s first film, fans have been keen on each prominent detail of the film. Recently, the filmmaker was asked if Superman would be an established hero initially. To which James Gunn replied with a “yes.” This relieves the hardcore Superman fans, who have been anticipating a non-traditional story.

James Gunn Shares Another Exciting Update: Superman Won’t Follow Traditional Superhero Formula

James Gunn is currently occupied with giving DCU a never-seen-before makeover with David Corenswet‘s Superman as its debut film. With the revamped universe, comes a whole new cast of DC characters. To keep themselves updated until the film’s release, enthusiasts have made sure to clarify each significant detail about Superman.

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James Gunn
James Gunn clarifies that Superman will not follow the origin story

When asked if the titular hero will already be recognized in Superman, James Gunn clarified that the Man of Steel will be an established hero at the beginning of the film. This means that Superman is diverging from the traditional original story, instead focusing on a range of established superheroes. This hints at a narrative where the titular hero will face a world already dominated by antiheroes.

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Considering Gunn’s massive hit projects and his take on the superhero genre, Superman is expected to not only revive the universe but also the thrill among fans, who have been exhausted with origin stories. Anthony Carrigan, who’s set to play Metamorpho, shared his excitement while speaking to The Wrap (via X) and said:

“I can’t tease too much, but I can say that we’re all very excited about it. It’s going to be something really special.”

Carrigan just intensified the expectations to witness the established Big Blue Boy Scout and navigating challenges while working at the Daily Planet. With Superman as the debut film for the revamped DCU, it will also serve as the opportunity to bring Supergirl into the universe, followed by her standalone movie in line.

One Fan Theory That Perfectly Explains How Superman Will Diverge From The Origin Story


Now that it has been confirmed that Superman will not flow the origin story, many fan theories have emerged speculating the potential storyline in James Gunn’s film. One outstanding fan theory that will lead every fan to speculate about Superman‘s plot says that the Man of Steel will face a world filled with clever antiheroes. These not-so-good heroes might fail Superman in becoming morally right, leading to a temporary retirement and letting the antiheroes emerge.

Following the dominance of the antiheroes, Superman will rise back to dethrone these characters, which might also include The Authority, a team that is filled with characters having a morally gray outlook on protecting Earth. The fan theory also hints at the “S” logo that was seen in Elizabeth Merced’s Instagram story. The logo was seen in the Kingdom Come run of comics, where Superman temporarily keeps the gate unsealed for the antiheroes to dominate the world before he becomes the Earth’s protector.

Even though this is just a fan theory, witnessing Gunn’s take on Superman’s narrative will surely excite fans who are continuously expressing fatigue with traditional origin stories.

Superman will come out on July 11, 2025.

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