The man behind the DCU multiverse, James Gunn, once decided to quit his profession. After analyzing the era, Gunn realized that people aren’t interested in mid-budget movies anymore. And at that, Gunn didn’t feel that he could direct a big-budget movie.

Gunn recently appeared on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast show and shared his opinion on today’s superhero films. He said that he believes that there are too many superhero movies and TV shows.

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn didn’t believe he would get a big-budget movie

Recently, James Gunn appeared on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast show, Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. The two sat down together to discuss Gunn’s insight on his career. The filmmaker reflected upon the impact that creating Guardians of the Galaxy had on his career and how ‘allowing himself to give a sh*t was a large catalyst to its success.

During the podcast, Rosenbaum asked Gunn how hard he had to push himself to get a big-budget movie and how he proved his vision to others. Gunn’s response to his question was indeed a shock for the host and his viewers. Gunn bluntly said that, after analyzing the condition, he made up his mind to put an end to his career. He said,

“I was ready to quit directing,”

to which the host expressed his surprise and asked, “Really?” Gunn further said,

“I was seeing how the tide was turning, I was seeing that they were stopping making mid-budget films.”

James Gunn and Michael Rosenbaum
James Gunn and Michael Rosenbaum

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The idea of not creating a mid-budget film didn’t go well with Gunn, as he liked creating things “that were somewhat within the zeitgeist.” Gunn soon realized that the movies he used to direct under a budget of 30 million dollars weren’t being made anymore as they were replaced by high-budget movies like Marvel films.

Gunn believed that he would never be offered a big-budget movie like that; hence, he decided to quit. The DC co-CEO certainly didn’t have any idea at the time that he would rule the superhero world one day. In the same podcast, Gunn stated that he always believed that the future of television was really bright.

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James Gunn opined on today’s superhero movies

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn is known for ruling the superhero multiverse. However, the latest superhero movies don’t align well with what they used to be previously. When Michael Rosenbaum asked Gunn if he also thinks that there are too many superhero films these days, he agreed with him. He said,

“I think that what’s happened is that people have gotten really lazy with their superhero stories and they have gotten to the point where, ‘Oh it’s a superhero let’s make a movie about it!’ And they say, ‘Oh! Let’s make a sequel because the first one did pretty well.’ And they aren’t thinking about why is this story special. What makes this story stand apart from other stories? What is the story at the heart of it all? Why is this character important? What makes this story different? That it fills a need for people in theaters to go see or on television.”

Analyzing the current situation of the industry, Gunn reassured me that he isn’t going to overextend the shows and films in DC. He emphasized that, as co-CEO of DC, he is very selective about the products he offers to the public so that the outcome is the best.

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