James Gunn and Peter Safran-led DCU is making headlines every day. With the new addition and subtraction taking place every single day, the billion-dollar superhero franchise is up for a 360-degree change. James Gunn had already disappointed actor Henry Cavill’s fans after he showed the exit door to Henry Cavill. According to the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, he was looking for a fresh and younger face for Clark Kent.

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James Gunn

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With the revamped version of the DC universe under the representation of Peter Safran and James Gunn, a lot more changes can be expected over the upcoming weeks and months. After announcing the new faces for Superman and Lois Lane, James Gunn’s first project Superman: Legacy is already in progress. According to the rumors in the entertainment world, the upcoming Superman movie will not follow Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel storyline.

James Gunn Provides An Important Update On Superman: Legacy

During an interview with the media outlet Direct, James Gunn mentioned that he was not only writing his first project under the DCU roof but also had plans of directing it. After announcing the names of the actors who would be portraying the role of Superman and Lois Lane, James Gunn even spilled the beans on the plot of Superman: Legacy. He went on to clarify that the David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan Starer movie has nothing to do with the storyline of Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel. While talking about the storytelling of his much-hyped superhero project, James Gunn said-

“Then a bit less than a year ago, I saw a way in, in many ways centering around Superman’s heritage – how both his aristocratic Kryptonian parents and his Kansas farmer parents inform who he is and the choices he makes.

david corenswet
David Corenswet is the new face of Superman in DCU

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Recently, a fan commented on a post by James Gunn on Instagram. According to the post, the fan had shown interest in playing the younger version of Superman. On which the director mentioned- “There is no Young Clark in Superman: Legacy”.

Through the Blue Sky Social, the Suicide Squad director confirmed that his upcoming project Superman: Legacy has nothing to do with the origin story of the Kryptonian superhero. There is a possibility that the younger version of Superman might appear in the movie through flashbacks.

James Gunn On Comparison between DC and MCU

During his appearance on the Inside Of You podcast, DCU head James Gunn spoke about both DCU and Marvel Cinematic Universe. He went on to compare both the superhero franchises and said-

“If you look at the MCU, there are very few traditional superheroes. There was never a guy with a secret identity until Spider-Man in the MCU. Their Cap was turned into a soldier even though he wears a mask. Iron Man outed himself at the end of the first Iron Man because they don’t want to deal with the whole secret identity stuff.”

While speaking about what distinguishes DCU from the billion-dollar franchise MCU, the director mentioned.

“But there is a bit more of a fantasy element to the DCU because there are these larger-than-life superheroes and for me, there’s Superman and Clark Kent. They’re two different characters, and you have to find a way to deal with them that’s as grounded as possible within this world of DC.”

James Gunn

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James Gunn laid stress on how the superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are from real-life locations around the world like- San Francisco, London, and New York, but for the DC characters, the creative heads have to put in more effort in the development of their world and the characters with whom the audience can connect and empathize. He mentioned-

“One of the things that I love about DC, that excites me about DC, is that in a way it’s another alternate history. It is Gotham City and Metropolis and Star City and Bludhaven, and all these different places in this other reality, and it makes it a little bit like Westeros in some ways. I love it that way. I love that we get to create true world-building in DC, it isn’t just ‘we’re throwing some superheroes on Earth. I think right now, that’s one of the key differences.”

The CEO duo of DCU had announced their master plan in February and even confirmed the five movies and shows that would be a part of their highly esteemed project Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.


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