No matter how big Marvel studio projects are it seems to give no guarantee on whether an actor would take on a role if offered. In some cases, it could be for the simple reason of conflicting schedules while in some more personal reasons could be involved.

As it so happened Olivia Wilde was once approached to be a part of MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. However, she ended up turning down the role of Gamora due to various personal reasons and the role ultimately went to Zoe Saldana who appeared n all three installments as of yet.

Why Did Olivia Wilde Turn Down an MCU Role?

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

Yes! Hollywood star Olivia Wilde was indeed the first choice of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. But as everyone knows by now, her fellow actor Zoe Saldana ended up taking on the role and admittedly it is pretty tough to imagine someone else in the role now. Wilde has discussed this part of her career and has even revealed her reason for not accepting the offer.

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At the time another project Better Living Through Chemistry (2014) had been presented to her. Wilde went with this one in place of the MCU franchise. Therefore the reason could be taken as film schedule conflicts, however, there seems to be another possible reason involved.

Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Zoe Saldana as Gamora

Talking with Guardian, the Don’t Worry Darling star shared that she became aware of a pattern in the film roles she had been receiving since she was cast in Tron: Legacy. Most of the offers seem to be that of a badass female character in a sci-fi story.

According to her, all these roles did not “feel human” and as far as anyone knows, this could be one of the reasons she turned down the opportunity to play Gamora in MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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A Brief Look at Olivia Wilde’s Better Living Through Chemistry

Olivia Wilde in Better Living Through Chemistry
Olivia Wilde in Better Living Through Chemistry

Instead of accepting the offer to star in the hit Marvel franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, Olivia Wilde went with the 2014 comedy-drama Better Living Through Chemistry. Directed by David Posamentier, the film revolves around a character named Doug, a pharmacist played by Sam Rockwell.

A chance encounter with a lonely trophy wife Elizabeth (Wilde), he is pulled into a drug and alcohol-fueled affair. His uneventful life suddenly turns upside down from then on. The film is not much of a success among the audience with only a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Source: Movie Web

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