In the late 90s, Warner Bros. made efforts to revitalize the Superman franchise in a film titled Superman Lives. This movie script took some loose inspiration from The Death and Return of Superman storyline. Initially, Nicholas Cage was slated to play the role of the iconic Man of Steel, and the talented Tim Burton was set to direct the film. However, as time passed, Burton decided to step away from the project, and ultimately, Warner Bros. completely abandoned it in 1998.

Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage

Superman Lives had a significant missed opportunity, primarily because Nicholas Cage was set to portray Superman. Despite facing criticism for this casting choice, Cage was selected because of his ability to embody the character’s sense of alienation. In Dan Gilroy’s version of the script, which was the second rewrite after Wesley Strick’s, the young Kal-El was sent to Earth in his spaceship without any guidance. As he grew up, his deepest fear revolved around the belief that he was an outsider, an alien. Nicholas Cage even underwent screen tests for the role. Unfortunately, the world never had the chance to witness this darker and more emotionally-driven portrayal of Clark Kent by Nic Cage in Superman Lives.

Nicholas Cage’s Debut in The Flash Movie

The Flash
The Flash

In an exclusive interview, Nicholas Cage recently opened up about his long-awaited debut as Superman in a Multiversal cameo appearance in the highly anticipated film, The Flash. The actor couldn’t contain his emotions as he discussed the significance of finally portraying the iconic character, especially considering the tumultuous journey that led to this moment. After being cast as Superman in the ill-fated Superman Lives movie, which was ultimately canceled, Cage’s dream of donning the cape and embodying the beloved superhero seemed shattered. The actor said,

“Well, I was glad I didn’t blink. For me, it was the feeling of being actualized. Even that look for that particular character, finally seeing it on screen, was satisfying. But as I said, it’s quick.”

Although the Superman Lives universe only appears for around 30 seconds in The Flash, Cage’s performance in City of Angels gives insight into the direction he planned to take with the character. But after a long wait of 25 years, he finally got a taste of what it felt like to be Superman on the big screen. Reflecting on the brief screen time he had as the Man of Steel, Cage revealed that he was relieved he didn’t miss a moment of it. He described his appearance as “quick,” acknowledging that fans might have hoped for more substantial screen time.

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Why did Nicholas Cage’s Superman Movie get Cancelled?

Superman Lives
Superman Lives

Following his successful exploration of Gotham City in 1989, Tim Burton ventured into the realm of Superman Lives, which had been left behind by others, hoping to bring the iconic character back to life on the big screen. In 1996, Kevin Smith presented his vision for a fresh Superman film to producer Jon Peters, who had specific conditions but ultimately agreed to let Smith write the script for Superman Lives. With Burton on board and a deal secured with Warner Bros., the film was initially slated for a potential release in 1998. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, Superman Lives encountered numerous production challenges that led to its ultimate abandonment.

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Superman Lives faced a heartbreaking cancellation, just a few weeks away from the anticipated filming start date. Unfortunately, the pre-production process encountered setbacks, particularly with the scriptwriting, despite some other aspects of the film progressing relatively smoothly. After Kevin Smith’s original screenplay underwent a rewrite by Wesley Strick, Dan Gilroy was brought in for another revision, but Warner Bros. deemed it too costly.

During the 1990s, Warner Bros. experienced several disappointing box office performances with movies like Batman & Robin, The Postman, and Sphere, which made them reluctant to take the risk of Superman Lives. As a result, the project was shelved, leaving fans and the creative team disappointed.

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