Throwback to the time when Jennifer Lopez appeared on Andy Cohen’s show and turned the hot seat really hot, with her bedroom talks. With co-star Ray Liotta by her side on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lopez shifted the environment in the room with her sensual conversations. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez on Watch What Happens Live

Known for her striking gorgeous physique and s*x appeal looks, Latina babe Jennifer Lopez revealed what turns her on in the bedroom. Shutting down the idea of reuniting with ex-husband Marc Anthony, Lopez proceeded to inform her fans about her s*xual kinks. Handcuffed to Liotta, while playing a game, the 53-year-old opened up about s*x tapes and threesomes. 

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Jennifer Lopez Appeared On Andy Cohen’s Show

To promote her mystery drama series Shades Of Blue, Jennifer Lopez appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Appearing alongside her co-star Ray Liotta, Lopez takes the hot seat to have a fun time. Navigating through discussions regarding her series, rumors of reuniting with her ex-husband, and playing a game, Lopez enjoyed her time and entertained her audience. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta on Andy Cohen’s show

During Wednesday’s episode, Lopez simply began the show by shutting down the idea of a rumored reunion with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Stating, “Marc and I are good the way we are”, Lopez turned down the rumors. Followed by discussions regarding her show, the actress broke down her role as a single mother and NYPD detective in the series. The fun and discussions just began when Cohen pitched a game to both actors. 

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Jennifer Lopez Discusses Her Bedroom Kinks

Beginning the game called “50 Shades of Blue”, Andy Cohen put the two co-stars on the hot seat and asked them about the bedroom acts that turn them on. Kind of like a rapid-fire, Cohen shot questions at Lopez, and the actress simply answered the truth. Beginning with  “Handcuffs?” Lopez stated it depends on her “mood”. Further, asking about the idea of “Threesomes?” the actress replied, “Nay”.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez speaks about s*x tapes

Diving a bit deep, Cohen asked about her interest in “role play?” and Lopez mentioned, “It’s stupid”. Further the question about making “s*x tapes” put Lopez out of her composed character. The actress although denied making any such things, she squirmed a little at the idea. Moving on with another segment of a game called “Plead the Fifth” Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta were asked personal questions. Lopez and Liotta were handcuffed together, participated in the game, and tried replying subtly without offending anyone.  

Watch episodes of Shades Of Blue streaming online on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. 

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Source: DailyMail

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