Singer Jennifer Lopez flaunted her “Mrs.” necklace in her new Instagram post. The singer posed with the expensive jewelry in white nightwear, paired with a cream robe by the Italian label Intimissimi. She got married to actor Ben Affleck earlier this year but many reports claim that the two have hit a rough patch. The complications in their marriage seem to be piling up day by day. The singer, who loves flaunting her Mrs. title, has made the actor her “personal robot” as he has no control over his life anymore. Even the actor’s brother has pointed out that he looks distressed during their public outings. Some sources have claimed that the two are living separately because of the actor’s smoking habit.

Jennifer Lopez wore a necklace that said “Mrs.

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram post
Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram post

Singer Jennifer Lopez posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account flaunting her necklace that said “Mrs.” She wore white nightwear, paired with a cream robe by the Italian label Intimissim and captioned the picture, “#ThisIsMe … #SelfCare #HappyWeekend #TakingAMoment,” with a white heart emoji. It seems like she loves her “Mrs.” title but is not doing anything to maintain it.

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Ben Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring

Ben Affleck
Actor Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck recently made a public appearance without his wedding ring. The actor was spotted in Los Angeles and it was clear that he left his wedding ring at home. Jennifer Lopez reportedly got rid of the actor’s valuable motorcycle collection because he wouldn’t give up smoking. This decision did not sit well with the actor, who loves collecting valuable cars and bikes. The singer is also reportedly spending a lot of Ben Affleck’s money. The actor is termed as Jennifer Lopez’s personal robot as he has no control over his life. Clearly, the actor needs more space but Jennifer Lopez can’t seem to understand it.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in July

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married in Las Vegas in July and went to Paris on their honeymoon. They decided to get married again in the presence of their friends and family at Ben Affleck’s mansion in Georgia in August. However, many sources say that they might split again soon. The singer and the actor reportedly do not live in the same house anymore. The singer is fed up with the actor’s habit of smoking and since the smell of cigarettes is everywhere, she has decided to live separately. The two are trying their best to overcome the rocky situation.

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