July 9, 2019, is the day Jesse Eisenberg finally discovered that there is not going to be a Justice League Part 2. The film was a much-delayed go in the star’s mind up until Horowitz disabused him of the idea throughout a meeting today. 


Plans For Sequel Cancelled

Zack Snyders Plans For The Franchise
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Justice League Part One and Part Two had filmmaker Zack Snyder shooting them back to back. That did not last long, though. Snyder either left Justice League or was forced out soon after the fatality of his daughter. But before that, a set sees throughout production on the film consisted of quotes that suggested that Part Two was not ensured to occur.


Zack Snyders Plans For The Franchise

Standard knowledge states that before he exited the film, the plan was to develop a trilogy of movies. But at its most favourable, Warner Bros. just introduced both before points began to change. When it comes to Eisenberg, he built up in Batman v Superman. Yet, he appeared only for a couple of moments in a post-credits scene in Justice League.


Jesse Eisenberg Finds Out About Justice League

There is no context for how Eisenberg reacted that would lead Horowitz to think he had damaged the news. His role was small in the first Justice League. It does not seem doubtful that the actor had not been familiar with the mess that the Justice League has ended up being. The franchise has two supervisors, a frustrating ticket office, and furious followers regularly petitioning Warner Bros. for the “Snyder cut” of the film.


Its poor ticket office performance cemented what several fans already expected. Snyder formed the DC movies for the near future, and also Justice League Part Two became shelved indefinitely.

You can watch the trailer for Justice League Part One here:


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