This year’s Oscars went smoothly with Jimmy Kimmel hosting the award ceremony. But the task of the host can be a difficult one as they need to not only entertain but take extra care to avoid offending anyone. It is evident from last year’s slap gate incident that things can go very wrong with just one joke and unexpectedly at that. Therefore this year, Kimmel had a lot to say about Tom Cruise in particular. According to his wife, many things were held back as a precaution to stir any drama. Most of it was about how amazing the actor looked in his latest flick. But the actor’s controversial association with Scientology also got mentioned.

Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Talked About Tom Cruise’s Shirtless Look

Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars 2023
Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars 2023

After last Sunday’s 95th Oscars, it has come to light that the Scientology joke regarding Tom Cruise was only possible due to his absence. Jimmy Kimmel expressed his love for the actor and his comeback Top Gun: Maverick which had six nominations in total. The host thanked the Hollywood hunk for reviving the tinsel town with his action-packed movie and his shirtless scenes included. Kimmel’s wife (Molly McNearny) is the executive producer of his talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! She revealed to Variety some behind-the-scenes stories. According to McNearny, her husband is a huge fan of Cruise and had been super excited about the opportunity to talk about him. But as a host, he did his job with a joke referring to the actor’s Scientology connection.

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Cruise has come under controversy surrounding his advocacy for the organization. Therefore joking about it could have received a cold reaction from the actor. But as the Mission: Impossible star had been absent, everything went smoothly. Kimmel had been discussing the shirtless scene in Top Gun: Maverick admiring Cruise saying,

 “I mean, Tom Cruise with his shirt off in that beach football scene. L Ron hubba-hubba – you know what I’m saying?”

For those unversed L Ron Hubbard is the founder of the church of Scientology. Therefore mentioning him in front of the actor might have gotten Kimmel into hot waters. But as McNearny revealed the green light for the joke was because they knew Cruise was going to be absent.

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Tom Cruise’s Recent and Upcoming Projects

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Last year was filled with great comebacks by Hollywood hunks like Tom Cruise and Brendan Fraser. Although Fraser took home the best actor Oscar, it was just as great for Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick with six nominations. It is undoubtedly an extremely successful comeback. And now it reported that Cruise is already working on his next project which is Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning II. This seems to be the reason for his absence at the 95th academy awards.

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Source: Variety

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