Shazam actor Zachary Levi recently expressed his views on his DC co-worker Aquaman actress Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s court trial. Zachary Levi talked about how the ex-couple brawl was unrequited and the whole world watched it. Zachary Levi sat with UFC commentator & podcaster Joe Rogan and talked about Johnny Depp making it look like a “Circus”.

Zachary Levi as Shazam

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The Shazam actor Zachary Levi supported Johnny Depp 

Zachary Levi sat down on the Powerful JRE podcast with Joe Rogan and shed light on the brawl between Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and Aquaman actress Amber Heard. While talking about how the couple took their personal life to the court trial and it was broadcasted online, Zachary Levi said, 

“It seemed like he (Johnny Depp) was more in the right than she (Amber Heard) was. I would have gone with that too but the point is they’re still human beings. Both of them at the end of the day.”

The Shazam star later added, “They’re just a circus when we see it like that seemingly”. 

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Joe Roger said Johnny Depp “wanted the circus”

Johnny Depp Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during the trial

While talking about how “Circus”, the host Joe Roger said, “I think he (Johnny Depp) wanted the circus because the Circus exposes the truth I think that was the only way to expose the truth but to get her to talk about stuff on camera and he felt like she would kind of fall apart.”

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Zachary Levi also said that they should have the trial recorded but not telecasted to a worldwide audience. “that could have been done just in the courtroom without it airing to the rest of the world”, said the actor. Then the Shazam actor and Joe Rogan went on to talk about the similarities that this court trial could’ve had with one like O.J. Simpson’s. 

Zachary Levi starter Shazam 2 is expected to release on 21 December 2022.

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