Jonathan Majors, who garnered attention for debuting as the main antagonist in Marvel Cinematic Universe is now facing allegations of domestic abuse. While this shocked the fans as he was arrested in New York City on Saturday, Glen Powell who has produced and acted in the film, Devotion revealed his first meetup with the actor.

Jonathan Majors
American actor, Jonathan Majors

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The latter plays naval fighter pilot, Tom Hudner in the film meanwhile the former is portraying the role of Jesse Brown alongside him. In a 2022 Variety interview, he opened up about pitching the film, Devotion to the actor, who is a pilot in real life.

Glen Powell Talked About The Experience of Pitching Devotion to Jonathan Majors

Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors
Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors

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The 34-year-old actor, Glen Powell in an interview with Variety talked about various things related to the film, Devotion, which he co-produced. On being asked about his co-star, Jonathan Majors, he opened up about his experience meeting him regarding the film.

Complimenting the star for his acting skills, he shared,

“Obviously, Jonathan Majors is going to be on the Mount Rushmore of great actors of our generation.”

He further added how he chose to work with Majors out of several potential artists in the industry. He shared,

“I had just seen ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ and I was like, ‘This is the guy. We have to get him.'”

He continued that the latter liked the script of the film with the former flying to New York to meet the Marvel actor. Recalling his time meeting Majors at a Russian bathhouse, he shared,

“I remember getting a nervous call from the producers saying, ‘Hey, Jonathan wants to meet you at a Russian bathhouse. Is that okay?'”

He stated,

“I was like, ‘Sure. I will sell him on this movie in a Russian bath.’ It’s funny to meet someone where you’re basically naked and pitching them.”

The conversation went on for hours with the duo ended up being great friends and filmed the movie together. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences despite being a box office bomb. Meanwhile, the latter is quite in a trouble.

Jonathan Majors Facing Domestic Abuse Allegations

Jonathan Majors
The Last Black Man in San Francisco actor, Jonathan Majors

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The 33-year-old actor was arrested on Saturday after NYPD recorded a 911 call from an apartment with the preliminary investigation determining an altercation. It was reported that “a 33-year-old male was involved in a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old female.”

Soon after the victim informed the police about the assault, the actor was placed into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries “to her head and neck” and is in stable condition as per the report. The officials are listing possible charges in this incident including strangulation, assault, and harassment.

Meanwhile, the actor’s rep has denied any wrongdoings with a police spokesperson confirming that he was no longer in custody.

Devotion is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Variety

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