During the last weekend, Zack Snyder shared a new image featuring Darkseid as depicted in Ancient Greek Art in the film. Now one DC fan has translated some of the writing on that depiction.

According to a user on Reddit, it translates roughly to “Killer Darkseid” that definition adds more to the theory that the art is meant to be taken as some kind of warning. Have a look:


Based on an unused frame from a previously released film by Snyder, Wonder Woman is investigating the artwork. This was likely to be inspired by Steppenwolf’s invasion of Earth, which was failed by the Justice League team.

Snyder released this with a caption, “A bell can’t be unrung,” quoting Lex Luther from the end of Batman v Superman which confirms that Luthor was foreshadowing the invasion of Darkseid.

These got released on Gal Gadot’s birthday and hint at Snyder’s original plans for the film which ended up getting foiled by the time the film got released. So far, Snyder has attracted a lot of support from fans and some even launched a campaign to “release the Snyder cut”.

With DCEU seemingly in a state of flux at the moment, it’s unclear if fans will ever get to see Darkseid in live-action.

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