Kim Kardashian has done a lot in her life, having been active throughout her life. Though she may have gained fame because of starring in the hit reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she has harvested that fame to good effect. But it’s not just her though. Each of the sisters has made it big in some field or the other, be it modeling or becoming an entrepreneur. Kim K, on her part, has now established a company that specializes in innerwear, SKIMS. But her company has run into some problems.

Kim Kardashian’s company runs into problems

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s company has allegedly sold faulty products

Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS has spread its wings far and wide. The users of her brand already include big names, including even the likes of Rosalia. But no matter how big a company becomes, it is bound to run into one problem or the other over time, if the quality is compromised.

This time it’s because of selling a faulty product. A customer has complained that the chest strips newly released by her company have caused her problems to no end.

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The consumer had to go to the doctor

Kim Kardashian
Noelle Smith had to go to a doctor because of the final quality of the SKIMS products

The adhesive chest strips released by SKIMS aim to enhance the figure of one’s chest. The woman, whose name is Noelle Smith, claims that the strips caused damage to her skin. The damage was so severe, that she had no option but to go to the doctor.

All the problems she had to go through had a negative impact on her mind. Smith felt so frustrated that she even took to a site and left a negative comment about this product.

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Noelle Smith sues Kim Kardashian; Kim issues clarification

Kim Kardashian
A rep for Kim K and SKIMS shuts down the claim by the woman

Smith even sued Kardashian for the damages she suffered. She filed a claim for “expenses included for medical care“. She alleged that SKIMS, as a big company, owed her a duty of care. She also said that the design was sloppy and the materials used were not of the highest quality.

But SKIMS was quick to answer the claims. According to TMZ, Kardashian’s representatives said, “After conducting a thorough investigation of this complaint, we have discovered that the customer purchased a fake strip from Amazon, a company that is not an official marketer of Skims products.”

Thus according to them, it’s not a problem of the product being faulty. It was a matter of the consumer buying a product from a fraudulent site. They were of the view that “you only buy the brand’s products through the direct sales service or official partners”.

It remains to be seen what course the situation will take.

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