Kim Kardashian has made the headlines countless times, but mostly for reasons that go beyond explanation. The 41-year-old entrepreneur and the star of social media has led a scandalous life mostly documented on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The billionaire who is also the daughter of Kris Jenner, also known as the ‘Momager’ has many businesses linked to her. But now the star seems to be going a different way.

The founder of SKIMS has now ventured into a new arena of podcasts and we’re all here for it.

Kim Kardashian is all set to welcome her Spotify podcast called The System

Kim K posing at an event
Kim K posing at an event

The mother of four had sealed the deal with the platform back in 2020. Recently, she revealed some information about what the viewers should expect. The podcast is essentially true crime and she’ll be hosting the same. Kim Kardashian in her chat with Interview said, “The first season is about a really crazy case where a guy got the death sentence for a triple homicide that happened in Ohio.”

When asked more about the episodes, she didn’t tell them much to keep the curiosity alive within the audience. “There are so many twists and turns with how it was handled or mishandled, and we take the listener along for a journey in search of the truth,” said Kim K. She also gave no date for when to expect the first episode.

The podcast is inspired by her recent show of interest in Criminal Justice

Kim at the Met Gala 2022
Kim at the Met Gala 2022

Kim K’s vital interest in criminal justice also led her to study law. She claims that she is now halfway through her studies. She also added that women who handle lengthy prison sentences for “low-level drug offenses” are her constant motivation.

Talking more about the podcast she exclaimed, “Their stories were all very similar. They all committed a crime for their boyfriend, or for their husband.” “I mean, I probably did some dumb s**t at some point and I was maybe a few decisions off of being in a similar situation, any of us could be.” added the Instagram star.

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Kim K thinks its heart-breaking to see what these people go through

Kim studying for the bar exam
Kim studying for the bar exam

The SKKN owner realized that she couldn’t just not do anything after hearing these stories. Kim also regularly shares some women’s experiences on her social media accounts. She added, “Once I saw how broken the system is, I couldn’t stop. I have to help as many people as I can.” Kardashian told the magazine, “These people are thrown away and put in prison and no one cares. It’s so heartbreaking.”

Back in December, Kim gave the baby bar exam and totally outshined. She had an emotional episode. It was totally unbelievable for her. Episode six of The Kardashians which premiered on Hulu captured her teary-eyed moments after passing the test. She said on the show, “Everyone told me this was the impossible way and there was no way I would ever pass this test, and I did.” She believes that this is the onset of a new journey for her.

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She constantly engages on social media to talk about important cases that affect women

Kim K with 'momager' Kris Jenner
Kim K with ‘momager’ Kris Jenner

Kim K also actively engages and shares her opinions about cases that affect women. The businesswoman previously has also talked about the Roe v Wade case. She expressed her concerns regarding how the case being overturned will impact women and herself as well. “If a court can decide what a woman does with her body, then it also puts having children through surrogacy, and things that I have been through, in jeopardy.”, added Kardashian who had welcomed two of her children via surrogacy; Chicago and Psalm.

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