The internet is whizzing with drama, and this time, it’s about TikToker’s wild claim against the American socialite, Kim Kardashian. The TikToker argued that Kim K snagged her daughter’s rightful spot in The Lion King concert for North West. The viral clip, posted to shame Kim, says the social media personality had pulled strings and paid for N West to secure her role in the concert. 

North West slams mom Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and North West dual makeup session | Instagram

As for the fans, they unleashed a hail of criticism, but not to Kim—the TikToker’s outrage backfired hilariously. Instead of rallying behind her, social media users are tearing her accusations to shreds. This drama is becoming a real-life soap opera where the accuser turns into the accused. So, grab your popcorn, because this is one plot twist no one wants to miss! 

TikToker’s Wild Claim Against Kim Kardashian Sparks Internet Frenzy

North West with mom Kim Kardashian
North West with Mum Kim Kardashian | Hello Magazine

North West recently gave her first-ever live performance at the Hollywood Bowl. She played the role of young Simba in ‘The Lion King’ live concert. The little girl may be enjoying a lot of applause for her debut, but she’s severely being booed on the internet, especially by one mother who accused Kim K of having allegedly sponsored her way in. 

While it’s unfortunate for the ten-year-old to receive such brutal backlash, she received ample support from one ex-Lion King actor. Jason Weaver, who gave his voice as Young Simba in the 1994 Disney film, hopped on his Instagram on Saturday to express his joy and admiration. He showered praise on the Kardashian’s daughter, N. West. 

But the plot now thickens—after catching fan-shot footage of the concert, X users weighed in on nepotism. They argued how privileged these influential families’ friends and family members are, as they get opportunities that others would only get through hard work or good luck.

Netizens believe these claims to be fake news 

Kim Kardashian Gave North West a “Camp North” Birthday Party
Kim Kardashian Gave North West a “Camp North” Birthday Party | Teen Vogue

The drama is buzzing, with some people shaming Kim while others labeling the claims as fake. One X user tweeted:


North received a standing ovation after her first stage acting as young Simba. She demonstrated that she has been endowed with the talent to sing as she sang to the Disney classic at the 30th Anniversary Concert. Her parents looked on, and her grandmother, Kris Jenner, and aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, along with her husband, Travis Barker, witnessed the event.

The event was a live-to-film show and North ensured that she seized the chance to demonstrate that she’s indeed a great performer. The concert also featured other popular celebrities—Jennifer Hudson, Jeremy Irons, Billy Eichner, and Nathan Lane.

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