Indian healers and gurus have been helping people globally, to achieve peace, satisfaction, and happiness in the materialistic world. Although people have reportedly benefited from their help, Indian gurus can also be quite expensive. Living up to the expenses is only possible for Royals. Speaking of Royals, Prince Andrew had been seeking help from an Indian healer for $38k. However, recently King Charles III seems to have put his foot down on Prince Andrew’s expenses.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew paid his Guru from Privy Purse

As the coronation ceremony approaches, the expenses keep increasing in Buckingham palace. Therefore, siphoning funds from the palace to pay the Indian healer has been reportedly forbidden by King Charles III. It seems Prince Andrew’s big brother is taking account of his expenses. 

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Prince Andrew Siphoned Palace Funds To Pay His Indian Healer

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, had been using the Buckingham palace funds to pay the annual bill of his Indian healer guru. Expecting his claim on the Privy Purse, the Prince thought he can use the funds for his own purpose without being questioned. However, after King Charles III came to power, he refused to pay the hefty bill on behalf of Prince Andrew. Following Queen Elizabeth II‘s death in 2022, who used to pay for her son’s healer, Prince Andrew submitted an eye-watering expense claim of £32k (around $38k). 

Prince Charles III
King Charles III will not pay for Prince Andrew

Previously, the Duke of York reportedly allowed his guru to stay with him in the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park for nearly a month. Apparently, even the late Queen knew about it and was more than happy to indulge and pay for her son’s hefty expenses. However, the present King is “far less inclined” by his brother’s embarrassingly large treatment bill. Sources even mentioned that the King initially “thought his brother was having a laugh” when Prince Andrew presented the $38k bill. 

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King Charles III Forbids Prince Andrew From Emptying The Privy Purse 

After being presented with the thrifty bill for the Indian healer, King Charles III evidently put his foot down over his brother’s expenses. The King asked his disgraced brother to pay for his own expenses rather than emptying the Royal funds. Sources mentioned, Prince Andrew, the 63-year-old Duke had been benefiting from the Indian Guru’s service for several years. The Guru’s treatments include chanting, massages, and holistic therapy in the privacy of the Duke’s Royal keep. 

Prince Andrew
The late Queen paid for Prince Andrew’s treatments

Sources revealed,

While the Queen was always happy to indulge her son over the years, Charles is far less inclined to fund such indulgences, particularly in an era of a cost-of-living crisis.”

Considering the treatments to be extremely expensive, the King reportedly forbade Prince Andrew. 

According to a source, King Charles realized,

Families are struggling and would rightly baulk at the idea of tens of thousands paid to an Indian guru to provide holistic treatment to a non-working royal living in his grace and favour mansion.”

Thus, he forbade his brother from using the Royal funds for his own benefit. 

Prince Andrew
King Charles with Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew had been trying to gain his reputation back after getting involved in a disgraceful act. The 63-year-old Duke had a costly gamble when he had to legally pay his s*x accuser Virginia Giuffre, despite denying all claims of having underage s*x. Ever since then, the Duke of York had been utilizing the service of the Indian healer by paying him through the palace funds. Although things were going well during his mother’s reign, the climate seems to have shifted in the new era. 

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Source: The Sun

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